VFM Management Meeting



1. APOLOGIES -  Kelly, Nicky (NK) – Operational Management Accountant

 ATTENDEES  -  Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM, (Chair)
    Day, Dave (DD) – Senior Fleet Manager,
    Anderson, Steve (SA) – Fleet Manager, Bodyshop
    Buckley, Jo (JH) – Driver Services Manager
    Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
    Askwith, Heather (HA) – Departmental HR Partner
    Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
    Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)



3.1 Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
The minutes of the previous meeting on 22 May 2013 were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 17 July 2013.
3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes   

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business
• Winter Tyres
• Vehicle Replacement Programme
• Dog Vehicles
• Excessive tyre ware
• New oil tanks at Doncaster
• Problems disposing of tyre carcasses
• Vehicle ramp at Rotherham Bodyshop

3.4 Department Structure       
3.4.1 Projects Savings       
SG reported that she had been asked to do some consultation with District Commanders, Meetings are scheduled with them into the next few weeks. Visibility – Livery Fitment     
SG reported that 80 vehicles have currently been marked. In total 100 vehicles have been identified for livery.  SG has submitted a report about where we are with this. Pedal Cycles        
SA reported that they now have all  the equipment required for the servicing of pedal cycles this is now up and running.  To date 6 cycles have been serviced and they are now looking at getting Doncaster’s cycles in as they are overdue.  SA said he had been asked for a quarterly report on the work done to the cycles.  JB said that if we sent them the archived jobs for their District, this would give the detail they require.  It was agreed to do this on a monthly basis.

Action 1 – 17.07.13: Jo Buckley to send out reports regarding cycle servicing to districts on a monthly basis.

Action 2 – 17.07.13: Nikki Kelly to look at getting the budget moved for pedal cycles.  SG will discuss this with her. Telematics        
SG has been offered a trial with airwaves.  SG has also met with RSG who have their own system and have also offered a free trial.  DD said there is an IATA show on this weekend that some SYP staff from other Departments are attending.  DD has asked them to check what systems they have on display there.

3.5 Finance         
NK not in work at the moment, so no Finance reports are available.

3.6 Regional Working Update       
3.6.1 Tranman Upgrade        
SG reported that the initial meeting had taken place and the project was now moving forward.  The next step is matching up fields and data in order to get the upgrade up and running within the next 3 months.  Data Cleansing is the first exercise to be completed.

3.7 Business Planning        
3.7.1 Quality of Job Cards Received in Admin     
JB stated that there was a wide variety to the quality of jobcards received in Admin.  Some where the times weren’t right – the times on the log and dates on the front don’t tally and some where stand in supervisors had signed off their own jobcards – this must not happen in future.  All jobcards must be checked thoroughly before being signed off by the Fleet Manager.

3.7.2 Vivaro Hand brakes        
DD explained that West Yorkshire Police have had problems with 2 of their vehicles running away.  A discussion took place about this and it was agreed that at the service around 70,000 miles, the callipers must be checked by putting the vehicle on a rolling road to test the brakes.

3.7.3 ADT Intruder Alarm        
DD informed the meeting that the contract for the maintenance of the intruder alarm at Churchill Way had arrived last Friday and has just been signed and will be finalised shortly.   DD will pass contact details on to AS so that he can set the same up for Doncaster Garage.
3.7.4 HGV Contract Update       
DD stated that the HGV contract has been awarded to Wakefield Council.  We currently have one vehicle that is at GIST and they will finish this job off.  It was noted that the Underwater Search Unit vehicle has been transferred to Humberside Police who will continue to maintain it.  SA will follow this up when he attends the next Regional Technical meeting.

3.7.5 X5 Speed Ratings and Availability     
DC reported that the latest X5s to arrive came with V rated tyres on them whilst X5s that came in prior to that were delivered with H rated tyres on them.  There is no way to know until we receive them, what the tyre speed ratings will be.  DD will raise this next week when he meets with a representative from BMW

3.8 Human Resources        
HA reported that the HR Knowledge Database goes live on 1 August 2013.  The database will link into practical guides and everything will be in one place.

HA reported that she needs to sit down with NK to ensure that HR and Finance are aligned.

Training – Merridale and Vauxhall Training have been completed.
PDRs – There has been an improvement in completed PDRs.

Apprentices – AS reported that the Apprentices were settling in nicely but the one at Rotherham does not have an e-mail account yet as IS have not actioned the form.

3.8.1 Vauxhall Training Update       
 See action

3.9 Risk Registers & Business Continuity     
It was agreed that a meeting was required to bring the Risk Register up to date.  The next quarterly meeting is due to take place on 10 September 2013.

3.10 Performance         
VFM Performance was discussed.  SG provided the following feed back from the latest Force performance data.


                                       8 July                                              27 June
                          All Crime       Burglary                   All Crime         Burglary
Force                  -2.9%              -4%                          -1.2%             -0.7%
Doncaster           -7.4%              -35.9%                     -6.8%            -34.7%
Sheffield             -8%                 +1.5%                       -6.5%            +5.5%
Barnsley             +3.8%              +23.7%                     +5.5%            +29.3%
Rotherham         +10.3%            +25.7%                     +14.8%          +30.6%

There is an abundance of evidence that Op Forager works and this needs to be enforced across all districts to tackle crime.

3.11 Equality and Diversity       
Nothing to report.

3.12 Stock Control        
It was agreed that the next full stock take will take place at the end of October.

3.13 Sustainability         
SA is looking at a review of the paint we use and the correct disposal of paint canisters  A can crusher has been ordered for the pint tins at Rotherham Bodyshop, to assist with this initiative.

4.1 Winter Tyres 
SG reported that the order for winter tyres has to be placed before the end of July.  SG plans to put them on all Antaras, other 4x4’s and SCT vehicles and then look at the rest of Fleet (i.e. 50% of marked fleet). SG requested that any views on this be sent to her before the end of July.

Action 3 – 17.07.13: Sarah Gilding to decide on a price for the obsolete winter tyres to be put on Bumble Bee for disposal and e-mail JB with the details

4.2 Vehicle Replacement Programme

Action 4 - 17.07.13: Sarah Gilding to send a copy of the Vehicle Replacement programme out to all VFM managers by e-mail.

4.3 Dog Vehicles
The first one of five dog vehicles has arrived but there are problems with it which we are trying to resolve with the convertor, with regard to air conditioning and sharp edges in dog cages.  DD did take Paul Shutt from the dog unit to see the vehicle and it looked fine but problems have been discovered once the vehicle was in service.

4.4 Tyre Wear
SA reported that he had changed a couple of tyres on CID cars at Maltby yesterday and they were down to the wire.  The vehicle was about 1,000 mile off service but this is no excuse when drivers should be completing checks daily.  SA to send details of this incident to SG.

Action 5 - 17.07.13: Sarah Gilding to write to the Rotherham District Commander, enclosing photos, about a recent incident of major tyre wear which should have been picked up during daily checks and dealt with sooner.  SA to provide detail to SG.

4.5 Oil Tanks
AS reported that new oil tanks have been fitted at Doncaster garage.

4.6 Problems disposing of tyre carcasses
AS reported that he was having trouble getting tyre carcasses disposed of.  DC recommended trying Goodwins.  It was noted Goodyear could be an alternative but will charge us for disposal.

4.7 Vehicle ramp at Rotherham Bodyshop
One of only two ramps at the Bodyshop is still out of action and has been this way for several weeks due to Autoparts not being able to deal with the problem during the first visit, which then turned into multiple visits.  SA will be seeing Matt Lowe from Regional Procurement next week and will ask him if we can have a another company as a second option because the current situation is affecting business.   



Wednesday, 17 July, 2013 - 13:30