Doncaster District Command Team Meeting - 2nd September 2013



Conference Room, Doncaster DHQ, Barnsley Rd, Scawsby


Monday 2 September 2013



Present:                  Ch Supt Richard Tweed (Chair)

                     Supt Eddie Murphy (Operations)

                                 Supt Peter Norman (Partnerships)

                                 CI Gwyn Thomas (Operations),

                                 T/DCI Steve Whittaker (Crime Manager)

                                 Delyth Williams (HR Operational Partner)

                                 PC Chris Hovelle (Staff Officer)


APOLOGIES           T/CI Jakki Hardy (SNA Operations/Partnerships)

                                 Helen Haigh (Business Manager)

                                 Phil Swain (OMA)

                                 DCI Craig Robinson (Crime Manager – PPU)

                                 CI Neil Thomas (SNA Operations)





Previous Minutes


Minutes from previous meeting approved.   


Action Schedule


Action schedule updated 





CAP and Targets –  


Following a recent meeting with DCC Holt it was highlighted that performance for Doncaster had risen dramatically.  Mr Holt will hold weekly Gold Performance Meetings with selected district staff.  Supt Murphy will then hold weekly Silver meetings within the District. 


The main issues for the District were discussed.  Various projects have been put in place in order to alleviate this, which include work on Capricorn; are crimes being recorded properly; bailers; suspect/suspects etc.


Supt Norman stated that a great deal of work is being undertaken with the NHS in relation to domestic violence, encouraging people to come forward but this will obviously show an increase in recorded incidents. Checks are also being conducted on domestic violence crimes within Doncaster.   A DV operation will be conducted shortly by Supt Norman where focus will be on prevention as well as targeting the ten 10 perpetrators.  Officers should also be mindful that when attending DV incidents that comprehensive evidence is collated in order to guarantee a conviction.



Discussion took place with regard to introducing a late afternoon tasking meeting.  Information would then be passed down to Inspectors.


Monday, 2 September, 2013 - 10:00