Health & Safety - Doncaster - 2.5.13



Thursday, 2 May 2013 



Present:         Chief Supt Richard Tweed  (Chair)

                        Claire Scott – Admin Support Officer

                         Insp Andy McFarlane (Federation)

                        Jane McDonnell - CJU

Mark Artley - UNISON

                        Chief Insp Gwyn Thomas

                         Helen Haigh – Business Manager

Ian Boulton – Facilities


Apologies:     Delyth Williams – Personnel Manager





1.         Chief Superintendent Tweed welcomed everyone to the meeting and emphasised the importance of Health and Safety meetings. 


Health and Safety is the responsibility of all members of the District and any issues identified should be addressed immediately and brought to the attention of the relevant supervisor.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting dated 31January 2013 – Approved


  1. Matters Arising – No matters arising


  1. Action Schedule updated




  1. Local H&S and welfare Policies agreed by Senior Management:  No issues raised at this time.




  1. Managers/Supervisors Reports


Coroners Office Risk Assessment still outstanding. - Claire Scott is to make contact with the Coroners office and either see if we could have a copy of their risk assessment or undertaken the assessment herself.


Helen Haigh highlighted the issue of current fire evacuation area at College Road is no longer suitable due to the new road which means that personnel have to cross a busy road.  Helen will identify another location (as well as that for the Bomb evacuation area) and make contact with the relevant agencies.  (See Action Schedule)


Chief Insp G Thomas raised the question of sunscreen for officers during hot weather and asked if there was a policy to provide sunscreen.  Discussion took place and it decided by the District Commander that sunscreen would not be provided.


Fire Evacuations at College Road were difficult to conduct due to the complexity of the building.  Fire evacuation procedures will be updated, including firm instructions that all personnel WILL evacuate the building at all times.  These will then be circulated.


Combustible items being stored in the PABX room at College Road.  Chief Insp Thomas will look at this issue (See action schedule)


  1. Federated and Union Representative Reports:


Inspector McFarlane asked for guidance with regard to the use of extension leads.  This was permitted as long as they were not joined together.


  1. Health & Safety Training:


All training currently up to date although Chief Supt Tweed raised the issue of Senior Managers and Officers attending the IOSH Course.  Del Williams will ensure that the template is kept up to date  (See Action Schedule).


  1. The latest Force H&S minutes  - Chief Supt Tweed went through the minutes and mentioned any items of interest although none related to Doncaster.


PlanninG AND implementing – policies and procedures


  1. Generic/Specific work activity assessment completed.    


  1. All evacuation fire drills are up to date.        





Active Monitoring


  1. Workplace Inspections - Database updated.


13.       Managers/Supervisors – No reports received. 


Reactive Monitoring


  1. Near miss forms   - no pattern identified.


  1. No investigations currently running.


  1.       Statistics –  No pattern identified.





  1. Audits  - Health & Safety – None outstanding


  1.       Review – Degree of complaint with H&S Legislation/Standards

Achievement of strategy/policy

Action Plans for improvement – None outstanding at this time.  Should any arise details of such should be brought to the next meeting.








  1. Ian Boulton highlighted an issue where all fire alarms are now linked to Atlas Court.  Unfortunately on two separate occasions when tests were being carried out and Atlas were informed, they failed to notify the Fire Brigade and then attended at the location unnecessarily.  This has been highlighted with the relevant managers.



Q oHH     The next District Health and Safety Meeting is to be held on Thursday,  14 August 2013, at 10 am in the

Conference Room at DHQ













Storage of Cylinders

Cheryl Fletcher

Following a recent environmental study conducted at College Road, it was highlighted that when cylinders are seized by officers we do not have the facilities to store them within a covered area.  Discussion took place and a suggestion made that officers photograph the cylinders and arrange disposal from the location found rather than seizing.  There is a cost implication for disposal if seized and conveyed to College Road.


ACTION:  Helen Haigh is asked to make contact with Andy Helowicz re the carrying of cylinders in vehicles – are we covered by insurance?


There is no specific policy preventing officers from bringing in large electrical items as long as they are stored correctly (ie upright) and disposed of correctly with the correct company.


ACTION:  Supt Norman is asked to review the types of property brought in and its relevance for seizure.


12,000 items of property has now been disposed of resulting in an overall reduction of 50%. 

ACTION:  Helen Haigh is asked to confirm with Cheryl Fletcher whether the issue re cylinders has been resolved.


It appears that there is a policy for the removing of cylinders from police premises but not one for bringing them in.  This has been taken to the Force H&S.

Discussion re taking a photograph of the item and not bringing it into the station etc.  Possibly getting the company who collects from the Police Station to collect from the original location instead.


ACTION:  Helen Haigh to chase Jo Sampson re policy being taken to Force H&S. 

ACTION:  Helen to make contact with Fire Service to enquire as to what they do with cylinders etc.  May be able to link in with their arrangements etc.


ACTION:  Chief Supt Tweed to e-mail all staff advising them re the carrying of dangerous items.






























Fire Risk – Roof at Mexborough Police Station

Ian Boulton

It has been highlighted that the roof space at Mexborough Police Station has not been partitioned off in line with fire risk assessments. 


ACTION:  Ian Boulton is asked to flag this up with the Facilities Dept who are shortly refurbishing the building.


The work has been scheduled to be done before 14 February


Awaiting update from Hayes House who have responsibility for this issue.

ACTION:  Ian Boulton to chase













Refurbishment – College Road

Helen Haigh

Work is currently being undertaken to install a new kitchen in the old canteen area at College Road.  There is an area which is unsafe to walk through and officers should be warned to stay clear.


ACTION:  Helen Haigh is asked to ensure the area is sectioned off in order to prevent officers/staff walking across the area.


Area now cleared although issue raised with regard to the grill etc.


ACTION:  Helen Haigh is asked to price up having the kitchen decommissioned – is there are scrap value in the old parts of the kitchen, or will the District have to cover the cost.  Helen is asked to speak to Adam regarding this




Evacuation area – College Road

Helen Haigh Claire Scott

The current evacuation area for College Road is now not suitable due to a road being opened up etc.  This means that personnel have to cross over a busy road.  New locations for both Fire and Bomb evacuations are being sought.


ACTION:  Helen Haigh and Claire Scott to identify new areas (possibly behind the law courts for fire and pillar house car park for bomb) and approach the relevant agencies re their use. 




Prisoner vehicles

Chief Insp G Thomas and Helen Haigh

It has been highlighted that larger vehicles are required for transporting of prisoners.  A review has been conducted and some vehicles around the District have been swapped in order to ensure officer safety when transporting prisoners.

ACTION:   Chief Insp G Thomas and Helen Haigh to review the vehicle database on a regular basis.




IOSH Safety Course for Managers

Helen Haigh

ACTION:  Helen Haigh to raise the issue with Delyth Williams to ensure the template re IOSH courses for senior managers is up to date.


Will also need to look at cover for Fire Wardens as CCTV staff who cover this over a 24 hr period will shortly be moving to other premises.




Combustable items left in the PABX room

Chief Insp G Thomas

Jane McDonnell raised the issue that she had seen combustible items stored in the PABX room at College Road.


ACTION:  Chief Insp G Thomas is asked to check the area in question and ensure that items are removed if necessary.




Rear Gate at College Road

Ian Boulton

The rear gate at College Road appears to not close properly when exiting the building.


ACTION:  Ian Boulton to inspect the gate and service if required.




Bikes being stored on roof at College Road

Cheryl Fletcher

Although the Force H&S Audit instructed that no bikes should be stored on the roof at College Road,  it has been highlighted that a large number  are on the roof but Cheryl Fletcher stated that it was a one off as it concerned one case and it was necessary to keep them all together.


ACTION:  Cheryl Fletcher is asked to make contact with the OIC to ensure that the bikes are removed as soon as possible





Thursday, 2 May, 2013 - 14:00