Doncaster SNA Inspectors Meeting - 14.1.13



14 January 2013

Attended:  Ch Insp Thomas (Chair), A/Insp Munro-Smith, Insp Cowling, Insp Mountford, Insp McFarlane,

Insp Hardy, PS Simpson, PS Price, PC Goodwin, Katie Hardwick









Further PCSOs for the District



The District will be allocated a further 10 PCSOs in the coming months.  A new shift pattern has formulated and it is hoped to introduce this in time for the arrival of the new staff. 

Over recent months some PCSOs have moved around the District to assist in areas where shortage are held.
ACTION:  Inspectors are asked to speak to those PCSOs who have been seconded to their area, indicating whether they wish to remain or return to their original SNA.

ACTION:  Inspectors should identify if any of their PCSOs wish to  move into the town centre or be part of the NRT.

ACTION:   Inspector Hardy will circulate a training package for the new PCSO’s and Inspectors are asked to scrutinise this and provide feedback as to its suitability.

All future staff for NRT have been identified.  PCSO training has now been cut to 5 weeks with the first intake scheduled to arrive in District around 5 October.

New document produced outlining all PCSO powers.
ACTION:  All Inspectors to discuss new powers with all their PCSO’s.  A report should then be sent to Chief Insp Thomas stating this has been done.

Each PCSO will shortly be allocated a card which they will keep with them at all times which outlines all their powers.

Following a recent meeting with PCSO’S, they intimated that they had not been consulted in relation to their shift pattern and their preferred place of work. 

Query raised in relation to which portfolio should be utilized in relation to PCSO’s?   Previously as one had not been received from HQ, Insp Hardy produced one.  Clarity is now required as to which should be utilized.

ACTION:   Chief Inspector Thomas to circulate the e-mail sent from HR to all Inspectors.

ACTION:  Chief Inspector Thomas to visit each PCSO to discuss their options.

All PCSOs are now in District (more than previously expected).

Chief Insp Thomas has visited all PCSO’s who have stated they are upset with the lack of consultation regarding the shift pattern although there have been no requests received objecting apart from one request for flexible working hours.

Consultation complete, pattern agreed and should be in place by approximately 1 April 2013.

New PCSO’s have arrived at District without stab vests and therefore a risk assessment will have to be undertaken for each task until vests arrive.


90 day notices to be handed out shortly.


Unfortunately nothing can be done regarding the lack of stab vests – officers will have to wait until they are delivered.





Supt Tweed has asked that a review of the role of CYPPOs be undertaken. 
ACTION:   CYPOs are asked to provide an in-depth report to Inspector Hardy outlining their role including contacts.

CYPOs should be meeting on a regular basis with PCSO’s who have responsibility for local primary schools.  Details regarding these should be included in the report.

ACTION:  Insp Hardy will be circulating a report to all Inspectors regarding the role of CYPOs.  Feedback re the report is requested together with any further information they feel relevant.

During a recent CYPO meeting various topics were discussed including shift patterns and work during school holidays. 
ACTION:  Each Inspector should provide Insp Hardy with a report outlining what roles their CYPOs undertake and what shift pattern they work to.

7 new Police cadets will arrive in the District shortly and should be utilised for all activities.

Each CYPPO shift should be in line with the local SNT which can be deviated from should the need arise, following consultation with the officer’s line manager. 


All YOS and CYPPO officers roles will be combined and will take on board a number of other tasks, ie, visiting care homes.  Embedded officers will not be totally merged with YOS officers – slight differences.  This will commence from 1 April 2013.


ACTION:  All Inspectors are asked to discuss the changes with their CYPPO.


Role still being discussed but ultimately roles will combine and encompass visits outside of school premises.  Although initially aiming for a start date of 1 April, it is unlikely this will be met.






It seems that a large majority of headcams within the District are not being utilized or are faulty.    Urban SNA are currently trialing a new type of equipment which is more covert than previous.

ACTION:   Inspectors are asked to ensure that they utilize any serviceable equipment they may have.

Chief Inspector Thomas has recently requested costs from stores in order to replace broken equipment.  Once this has been received a decision will be made regarding any replacement.

ACTION:  Chief Insp Thomas to chase stores with regard to costs.

As the headcams are not being utilized a decision has been made to pass them over to Alligator.  All broken ones will be repaired.    In the future an alternative system will be introduced (possibly a camera which pins on the lapel).

ACTION:   All headcams should be forwarded to District HQ for the attention of Chief Insp Thomas, with labels attached identifying whether they are in need of repair or not,


Almost all headcams have been handed in – they will then be handed to Alligator



Cycles and Kit

Chief Insp Thomas

All kit has been pulled together and a stock held within DHQ.   Any request for kit should initially be submitted to Chief Inspector Thomas.
ACTION:  Inspectors should submit a report to Ch Insp Thomas identifying which courses are required for the new PCSO’s.


ACTION:   Courses are now available and therefore Inspectors should request these by providing a report to Chief Insp Thomas.    Once received Chief Inspector Thomas will make necessary arrangements.  Funding is available for kit and clothing .


Awaiting dates for new cycles course but likely to have one course each quarter.  If spare kit required and not available at DHQ store, more can be purchased although no further bikes can be bought to increase the fleet.  New ones can be purchased to replace existing ones over 5 years old.   Funding also available through Violent Crime Group or possibly through St Leger to purchase cameras. 




Chief Insp Thomas

CIA generally arise from serious incidents such as murders.  SNAs use these to monitor tensions within the area.  The guidance notes have been updated.  Officers should ensure that they make contact with the FIO and SIO before speaking to KINS.

ACTION:  Chief Insp Thomas to circulate the guidance document.

It is intended to introduce a board system to be utilized at each briefing at each station whereby CIA’s and the relevant beat manager will be listed and discussed.  CIA’s need daily management and the Council should be involved.

If a CTA is required then the Deputy SIO should be contacted in the initial stages  A CTA should then be sent through to Intel for inputting onto CMS2.

Discussion took place with Area Managers outlining a protocol for instigating CIA’s following major incidents etc.  A SPOC should be identified on each side with a suggestion of a white board being placed in offices listing all CIAs, SPOCS and daily tasks.   It is imperative that daily links are made, when appropriate, across relevant agencies.

SYP will act as lead with DMBC registering all information in order to provide an audit trail at a later date.

ACTION:    Once a CIA is complete, an e-mail should be forwarded to Chief Insp Thomas who will sign them off for filing.


CIA Boards and procedures in place.  Council should have a SPOC in place for officers to link in with.  This is usually the warden for the area.  No specific issues at this time.


Parking Operation

A/Insp Munro-Smith

It is intended to conduct a ‘Blitz’ operation  re parking outside schools within the District, hopefully before Xmas.  This will be in two phases:

Phase 1 – No FP tickets should be given (Before 19th)

Phase 2 – Notices to be given

ACTION:   A/Insp Munro-Smith is asked to circulate the operational order to all SNA’s.  All results should be submitted to Chief Insp Thomas before next meeting .


This went extremely well with good press coverage.  Need to arrange next round using Fixed Penalty Tickets.  Parking Services will assist.



Overtime Spending


All Inspectors should make the necessary arrangements to use their overtime allocation.  Should they identify a shortfall this will be re-located to urban SNA.
ACTION:  All Inspectors should e-mail Chief Insp Thomas with details of any shortfalls in order that the funds can be re-allocated.


Most areas still have money to spend.  Any shortfalls will re-allocated.



Detection Rates

Insp Cowling

A/Insp Munro-Smith

There has been an increase in criminal damage within the South and North SNA’s.

ACTION:  Inspectors Cowling and Munro-Smith should provide a report outlining how figures could be improved in their areas using the Fixed Penalty Notice scheme


Detection rates in the North and South could be improved.



Gold Standard – Retail Crime SPOC

All Inspectors

Chief Insp Thomas asked all Inspectors to nominate:

ACTION:  SPOC for Gold Standard


ACTION:  SPOC for Retail Crime



Generic Operational Orders



Three generic ops orders are required to be organized in order that a copy can be placed in the folder for future use, as follows:


ACTION:    PC Mike Dewsnap – Wildlife

                  PS Steve Butler – Railway

                  PS Mark Butler  - Airport






Thursday, 7 November, 2013 - 14:15