Doncaster SNA Inspectors Meeting 13.3.13



13 March 2013

Attended:  Ch Insp Thomas (Chair), A/Insp Munro-Smith, Insp Cowling, Insp Mountford, Insp McFarlane,

A/Insp Lindley,  











Supt Tweed has asked that a review of the role of CYPPOs be undertaken. 
ACTION:   CYPOs are asked to provide an in-depth report to Inspector Hardy outlining their role including contacts.

CYPOs should be meeting on a regular basis with PCSO’s who have responsibility for local primary schools.  Details regarding these should be included in the report.

ACTION:  Insp Hardy will be circulating a report to all Inspectors regarding the role of CYPOs.  Feedback re the report is requested together with any further information they feel relevant.

During a recent CYPO meeting various topics were discussed including shift patterns and work during school holidays. 
ACTION:  Each Inspector should provide Insp Hardy with a report outlining what roles their CYPOs undertake and what shift pattern they work to.

7 new Police cadets will arrive in the District shortly and should be utilised for all activities.

Each CYPPO shift should be in line with the local SNT which can be deviated from should the need arise, following consultation with the officer’s line manager. 

All YOS and CYPPO officers roles will be combined and will take on board a number of other tasks, ie, visiting care homes.  Embedded officers will not be totally merged with YOS officers – slight differences.  This will commence from 1 April 2013.

ACTION:  All Inspectors are asked to discuss the changes with their CYPPO.

Role still being discussed but ultimately roles will combine and encompass visits outside of school premises.  Although initially aiming for a start date of 1 April, it is unlikely this will be met.

14.2.13  - Roles will definitely combine.  Working towards the practicalities of that process.


13.3.13 – Role Profile etc being written.  A CYPO Sgt will be appointed but the Inspector will have overall responsibility.  Shift pattern still causing a few issues and requires more work. 


It is still intended to merge with YOS officers once the next financial year is complete.



Troubled Families Grouping


Each family will be graded and dealt with in a particular manner dependant upon the grade.  This grouping falls under the remit of Area Managers and will be managed as such.  An ‘Idiots Guide’ is being produced by Tracey Needham at Children’s Services and will be circulated once finalized.


ACTION:  Inspectors are asked to e-mail Chief Insp Thomas with any suggestions as to how best deal with each grouping.


13.3.13 – Council currently running classes in relation to this.  Inspectors have been invited to attend a meeting at which the National Co-ordinator will attend.  Must ensure that Area Managers run the Troubled Familes Meetings and not SYP.  Claire Scott from DMBC has circulated a paper suggesting a new system.  It was felt that this should be utilised on a trial basis.





Inspectors are reminded to pass information through watchline of relevant information in their area.


13.3.13 – Tests are still being conducted therefore watchline should continue to be used.



Community Engagement Spreadsheet


Sergeants on each SNA need to review their database.  They should ensure officers visit each group and identify if they are suitable and relevant.  They should also identify other possible groups within their area.
ACTION:  Inspectors should ensure that their Sergeants are encouraging officers to make the relevant visits and review the database.


13.3.13 – From 1 April Sgt Price will commence work as the Engagement Sgt.  He will review all KINS.

ACTION:  Inspectors must ensure that all their KINS are reviewed, relevant and up to date.



Hate Crime Process

Chief Insp Thomas

From now on all hate crime should be brought to the attention of the FIO who will take the issue to the NAG.


A Tasking Officer for Hate Crime has been allocated for each SNA who will send the hate crime information over to the FIO


ACTION:  Chief Insp Thomas is asked to circulate the e-mail from Kev Burrows to all tasking SPOCs.


New Staff Allocation

Chief Insp Thomas

There will be little changes to the PC establishment and locations across the SNA’s although PCSO’s will change.  Figures were provided for each area.

ACTION:  Inspectors are asked to forward an e-mail to Chief Insp Thomas outlining the number of PCSOs required for each SNA.


ACTION:  A/Insp Munro-Smith requested a further vehicle due to the expansion of his team/area.  Chief Insp Thomas to look into this possibility.



Satan Force


An opportunity has arisen for SNA officers to take part in a bomb awareness operation (Satan Force).  A full team is required comprising of 1 Sgt, 3 PC’s, 3 PCSOs and will be over two days at Catterick Camp, although at this time the dates are not known.


ACTION:  Inspectors are to e-mail Chief Insp Thomas with the names of any officers who would like to take part.






Wednesday, 13 March, 2013 - 14:15