Doncaster SNA Inspectors Meeting - 11.6.13



11th June 2013

Attended:  T/Ch Insp Hardy (Chair), A/Insp Munro-Smith, Insp Cowling, Insp Mountford, T/Insp Lindley,

Insp McFarlane.  
















Supt Tweed has asked that a review of the role of CYPPOs be undertaken. 
ACTION:   CYPOs are asked to provide an in-depth report to Inspector Hardy outlining their role including contacts.

CYPOs should be meeting on a regular basis with PCSO’s who have responsibility for local primary schools.  Details regarding these should be included in the report.

ACTION:  Insp Hardy will be circulating a report to all Inspectors regarding the role of CYPOs.  Feedback re the report is requested together with any further information they feel relevant.

During a recent CYPO meeting various topics were discussed including shift patterns and work during school holidays. 
ACTION:  Each Inspector should provide Insp Hardy with a report outlining what roles their CYPOs undertake and what shift pattern they work to.

7 new Police cadets will arrive in the District shortly and should be utilised for all activities.

Each CYPPO shift should be in line with the local SNT which can be deviated from should the need arise, following consultation with the officer’s line manager. 

All YOS and CYPPO officers roles will be combined and will take on board a number of other tasks, ie, visiting care homes.  Embedded officers will not be totally merged with YOS officers – slight differences.  This will commence from 1 April 2013.

ACTION:  All Inspectors are asked to discuss the changes with their CYPPO.

Role still being discussed but ultimately roles will combine and encompass visits outside of school premises.  Although initially aiming for a start date of 1 April, it is unlikely this will be met.

14.2.13  - Roles will definitely combine.  Working towards the practicalities of that process.

13.3.13 – Role Profile etc being written.  A CYPO Sgt will be appointed but the Inspector will have overall responsibility.  Shift pattern still causing a few issues and requires more work. 

It is still intended to merge with YOS officers once the next financial year is complete.


9.4.13 – Officers will work immediately from the new role profile.  Future issues with regard to boundary changes may affect the number of posts allocated over coming months.


14.05.13 – Within 2 months will have 6 x CYPPO’s.  Role being adjusted to ensure engagement of which there will 3 main elements.  Propose a new shift pattern which will be a hybrid of the SNA pattern.  CYPPO’s will also complete a short attachment in PPU and any training needs will be identified.  They will also visit PPU once a month to ensure maintain a good understanding of CSE aims.


ACTION:  T/Ch Insp Hardy circulate Shift Pattern Brief to Inspectors for reviewing.


11.06.13 – Ongoing.


ACTION:  Report to be sent to each Inspector following each monthly CYPPO meeting.


11.06.13 – Ongoing.




















































































Troubled Families Grouping


Each family will be graded and dealt with in a particular manner dependant upon the grade.  This grouping falls under the remit of Area Managers and will be managed as such.  An ‘Idiots Guide’ is being produced by Tracey Needham at Children’s Services and will be circulated once finalized.

ACTION:  Inspectors are asked to e-mail Chief Insp Thomas with any suggestions as to how best deal with each grouping.

13.3.13 – Council currently running classes in relation to this.  Inspectors have been invited to attend a meeting at which the National Co-ordinator will attend.  Must ensure that Area Managers run the Troubled Familes Meetings and not SYP.  Claire Scott from DMBC has circulated a paper suggesting a new system.  It was felt that this should be utilised on a trial basis.

9.4.13 – New model not yet commenced across all areas.  Meetings are being run by Neighbourhood Managers but this and the process will be monitored.

14.05.13 – Ongoing.


11.06.13 – Claire Scott has been given the lead to resolve implementation issues.  Discussions to take place with Neighbourhoods to ensure appropriate structures are implemented to manage 1st and 2nd Cohort of families.
































Case Management System

Chief Insp Thomas

The new case management system is currently being trialled in urban.  All NAG cases are being updated by DMBC.  This system is being used in other Districts.  SPOCs should ensure that they check PROCAD each day for incidents in their area and forward this information to the FIO who will then update the system.


14.05.13 – Council feel system is not fit for purpose.  Urban therefore trialling in Doncaster.  Other Districts are also looking at adopting the system.


11.06.13 – DMBC to roll out CRM in the near future to manage case files.  No feedback provided from Urban to date.  Claire Scott tasked to check what input had actually taken place.  No further update at Force level with regards to Case File Management.



















NRT Updates

PS Warbrick

It has been highlighted that a number of incidents etc are being allocated to the NRT even when the relevant SNA are working.  It is felt that this is due to Atlas Court not following protocol.

ACTION:  Chief Insp Thomas will discuss with Chief Insp Cooper.

09.04.13 - Tracy Potter updated all operators at Atlas. 


14.05.13 - Looking to relocate NRT to either CCQ or Edlington.


11.06.13 – Based on IT, the likely location will be CCQ.  Awaiting further update from Helen Haigh and DMBC.


















Alligator Shift Patterns

Insp McFarlane

Issues have been highlighted recently in relation to the shift pattern allocated to Alligator.

ACTION:  Chief Insp Thomas will meet with Insp McFarlane to discuss the issues in relation to the shift pattern.

14.05.13 - 30 day consultation notices were sent out which end on 15.5.13.  No alternative options received.  After 15.5.13 a meeting will be held to agree the wording with the Federation.  30 day notices to change will then be circulated.


11.06.13 – Insp McFarlane to discuss with Federation and update further at next meeting.


















CTA – Issues


14.05.13 – Issues with DMBC and Leger Homes being recorded as med & high levels when clearly not.

ACTION:  Each SNA to send weekly report on a Monday.  Inspectors to ensure check this report Monday before it is published by the Tuesday.


24.06.13 – Format of CTA has been amended by CSD.  Level of detail and gradings now require further information.  Inspectors requested to check content to ensure information is accurate and timely.  Request made by Rachael Long for guidance document to be circulated.















14.05.13 – Issues with briefings highlighted and discussed.  Handovers need to link in, currently all over the place.


ACTION:  Submit report to T/Ch Insp Hardy with best practice for briefings and visibility reviews.


11.06.13 – Feedback being collated by DC David Whitehouse.  Proposals to be circulated in due course.












Optimal Cocooning Options

T/Insp Munro-Smith






















T/Insp Munro-Smith





T/Insp Munro-Smith & A/PS Nuttall


T/Insp Munro-Smith leading on this piece of work.  Producing a record sheet and shift to run with immediate effect. 


11.06.13 – Completed.


ACTION:  PCSO supervisors to ensure delivery and lead on weekends. 


11.06.13 – Completed no issues.


ACTION:  Designated supervisors to be identified for each area.


11.06.13 – Completed no issues.  A/PS Nuttall to provide feedback and support to Spocs.


ACTION:  Intell to be fed back via relevant supervisors.


11.06.13 – Completed.


ACTION:  T/Insp Munro-Smith to produce a crib sheet.


11.06.13 – Completed.


ACTION  11.06.13 – T/Insp Munro-Smith and A/PS Nuttall to consider cocooning options in line with movement to co-terminus boundaries on 30th Sept 2013.



Each PCSS to work with APS Nuttall and PCSOs at College Rd to get full understanding of practice and procedure. 


Each PCSO to learn process from start to finish to cover for PCSS


Suggest continuing over weekends.  T/Insp Munro Smith to identify SNT’s and PCSS working and responsible for cocooning duties.  Will continue.


Mon to Fri operation of Cocooning Team to be reviewed.  When boundary transition complete and new shifts in place SNA areas will be covered 7 days a week.






























Crimestoppers – Identify Good News






14.05.13 – There is a force push for Crimestoppers.  If have positive outcomes need to publicise.


ACTION:  All good news stories/positive outcomes to be documented and publicised via our media department and SNA Newsletters.


11.06.13 – Some concerns raised that there were delays within DMBC regarding the completion of the newsletters (East – no newsletters, Urban – delays, South – some alternatives being used).


ACTION:  CI Hardy to seek feedback regarding issues in each SNA and discuss with Pat Hagan with view to reviewing content and timescales for circulation of newsletters.




















PACT Review















T/Insp Munro-Smith





11.06.13 – Supt Norman had been requested by ACC to conduct review of PACT meetings across the Force.  There had been some changes to PACT meetings at District and alternative Drop-ins were being trialled in some SNA’s.  T/Insp Munro—Smith had collated views of PACT meetings over recent months and was asked to discuss findings with Supt Norman.


ACTION:  Inspectors to feedback comments on existing PACT meetings and Drop-ins to T/Insp Munro-Smith.


ACTION:  T/Insp Munro-Smith to prepare report for Supt Norman outlining current structure across the District with positive developmental feedback and future recommendations.



















PCSO Shift Pattern

















11.06.13 – Concerns raised by East SNA officers that there was limited workload/minimal engagement opportunities for PCSO’s between the hours of 9pm x 12am. 

Discussion took place between the Inspectors who in general terms did not feel this was an issue more a lack of direction from supervisors.  The new shift pattern has only been in place since the 1st April 2013 and therefore it would be difficult to review the effectiveness of the pattern in such a short timescale.




ACTION:  Inspectors/PCSS’s to monitor the directions and activities given to staff during these times and provide a monthly update at Monthly Inspectors Meetings.




















Business Crime PCSO


ACTION:  Canvass staff to ascertain interest for forthcoming vacancy of Business Crime PCSO





ANPR Observations/Metal Yards

Metal Theft SPOCS

ACTION:  Need to arrange:

  • Arrange an ANPR op once a month
  • Link all intel
  • Utilise ANPR function around SNA’s to target SAC issues etc
  • Consider using other resources – ie Specials
  • Conduct debrief after each op
  • Complete report re results


ACTION:   Scrap Metal Bids





Summer ASB Campaign 2013


ACTION:   All paperwork re plans to be submitted to Chief Insp Hardy and PS Warbrick.  To include:

Ops, Engagment, Evnets, partner activities, diversionary activities, ASB hotspot activity, vulnerable victims etc.





Out of Criteria Report


Based on 50 days and 9 occasions this year.  Due to new criteria a number of new cases will be on the report. 

ACTION:  Inspectors to review and provide Del Williams with a report regarding officers and staff under their remit.





Cannabis Cultivation

A/Insp Munro-Smith





NEXT MEETING:  MONDAY 8th July 2013 10AM


Tuesday, 11 June, 2013 - 14:15