Doncaster SNA Inspectors Meeting - 13.8.13


                                ACTION SCHEDULE

                               Tuesday 13th August 2013


Attended:  T/Ch Insp Hardy (Chair), Insp Cowling, Insp Mountford, T/Insp Lindley, Insp McFarlane, PS Lancaster  












Stronger Families Grouping


Each family will be graded and dealt with in a particular manner dependant upon the grade.  This grouping falls under the remit of Area Managers and will be managed as such.  An ‘Idiots Guide’ is being produced by Tracey Needham at Children’s Services and will be circulated once finalised.

ACTION:  Inspectors are asked to e-mail Chief Insp Thomas with any suggestions as to how best deal with each grouping.

13.3.13 – Council currently running classes in relation to this.  Inspectors have been invited to attend a meeting at which the National Co-ordinator will attend.  Must ensure that Area Managers run the Troubled Families Meetings and not SYP.  Claire Scott from DMBC has circulated a paper suggesting a new system.  It was felt that this should be utilised on a trial basis.

9.4.13 – New model not yet commenced across all areas.  Meetings are being run by Neighbourhood Managers but this and the process will be monitored.

14.05.13 – Ongoing.

11.06.13 – Claire Scott has been given the lead to resolve implementation issues.  Discussions to take place with Neighbourhoods to ensure appropriate structures are implemented to manage 1st and 2nd Cohort of families.

A workshop is being conducted on 15 July when a one team working process will be discussed – vision for families will encompass other agencies.  It may be necessary to review other panels such as ASB Theme Group. 


13.08.13 – Workshop held and feedback provided by partners. Task & Finish Group to review and identify model to be used by all agencies.


Further discussion took place regarding the first & second cohort of names. Inconsistencies across SNA’s with regard to feedback being provided to DMBC and uncertainty of what should be disclosed.


T/CI Hardy advised that only those names linked to ASB/DV should be researched and a summary should be provided with specific detail.


ACTION – T/CI Hardy and T/Insp Munro-Smith to liaise with DMBC and agree a template for reports and confirm which systems are to be checked.




































Case Management System

Chief Insp Thomas

The new case management system is currently being trialed in Urban.  All NAG cases are being updated by DMBC.  This system is being used in other Districts.  SPOCs should ensure that they check PROCAD each day for incidents in their area and forward this information to the FIO who will then update the system.

14.05.13 – Council feel system is not fit for purpose.  Urban therefore trialing in Doncaster.  Other Districts are also looking at adopting the system.

11.06.13 – DMBC to roll out CRM in the near future to manage case files.  No feedback provided from Urban to date.  Claire Scott tasked to check what input had actually taken place.  No further update at Force level with regards to Case File Management.

ACTION:  T/CI Hardy to request a report from DMBC regarding  what input had taken place.


13.08.13 – T/CI Hardy has spoken with Urban Managers who state they have been unable to populate the case management systems due to staffing issues. As such, no feedback is available. Review in 3 months


























CTA – Issues


14.05.13 – Issues with DMBC and Leger Homes being recorded as med & high levels when clearly not.

ACTION:  Each SNA to send weekly report on a Monday.  Inspectors to ensure check this report Monday before it is published by the Tuesday.

24.06.13 – Format of CTA has been amended by CSD.  Level of detail and gradings now require further information.  Inspectors requested to check content to ensure information is accurate and timely.  Request made by Rachael Long for guidance document to be circulated.


No guidance provided yet but Inspectors are asked to check over and familiarize themselves with the gradings.


13.8.13 – No guidance to date, no further issues collating tensions















Optimal Cocooning Options

T/Insp Munro-Smith












T/Insp Munro-Smith





T/Insp Munro-Smith & A/PS Nuttall


T/Insp Munro-Smith leading on this piece of work.  Producing a record sheet and shift to run with immediate effect. 

11.06.13 – Completed.

ACTION:  PCSO supervisors to ensure delivery and lead on weekends. 

11.06.13 – Completed no issues.

ACTION:  Designated supervisors to be identified for each area.

11.06.13 – Completed no issues.  A/PS Nuttall to provide feedback and support to Spocs.

ACTION:  Intell to be fed back via relevant supervisors.

11.06.13 – Completed.

ACTION:  T/Insp Munro-Smith to produce a crib sheet.

11.06.13 – Completed.

ACTION  11.06.13 – T/Insp Munro-Smith and A/PS Nuttall to consider cocooning options in line with movement to co-terminus boundaries on 30th Sept 2013.


Each PCSS to work with APS Nuttall and PCSOs at College Rd to get full understanding of practice and procedure. 

Each PCSO to learn process from start to finish to cover for PCSS

Suggest continuing over weekends.  T/Insp Munro Smith to identify SNT’s and PCSS working and responsible for cocooning duties.  Will continue.


Mon to Fri operation of Cocooning Team to be reviewed.  When boundary transition complete and new shifts in place SNA areas will be covered 7 days a week.

A review has been undertaken to decide whether to go to one team working or bring back to the SNA’s.  Currently differing views and options.
ACTION;  Chief Insp Hardy to look further into the idea of utilizing part time staff.
ACTION:  Chief Insp Hardy to speak to Del Williams re PCSO working practices.


13.08.13 – All flexible working/part time being reviewed to consider whether their shifts can be accommodated within cocooning/SNAs


ACTION – T/CI Hardy & T/Insp Munro-Smith to ensure increased staffing is in place and shift pattern is identified at earliest opportunity

















































Crimestoppers – Identify Good News




14.05.13 – There is a force push for Crimestoppers.  If have positive outcomes need to publicise.

ACTION:  All good news stories/positive outcomes to be documented and publicised via our media department and SNA Newsletters.

11.06.13 – Some concerns raised that there were delays within DMBC regarding the completion of the newsletters (East – no newsletters, Urban – delays, South – some alternatives being used).

ACTION:  CI Hardy to seek feedback regarding issues in each SNA and discuss with Pat Hagan with view to reviewing content and timescales for circulation of newsletters.

Still awaiting feedback re DMBC newlettesr.

ACTION:  Inspectors are asked to provide Insp Cowling with a report outlining their thoughts regarding the value etc of the newsletters in order that DMBC can be approached.


13.08.13 – In the main all newsletters had received positive feedback.  North SNA had agreed a bi-monthly distribution at the request of DMBC and East had not consistently circulated their newsletter. The content of the newsletters had been discussed at The Pact review meeting chaired by Supt Norman and a request would be made for Pc Ali to identify best practice across the Force to consider how the newsletters could be improved as the SNAs restructure into bigger areas.


ACTION – Pc Ali to liaise with SNA Inspectors in other Districts to obtain copies of newsletters which were identified as good practice




















PACT Review












T/Insp Munro-Smith





11.06.13 – Supt Norman had been requested by ACC to conduct review of PACT meetings across the Force.  There had been some changes to PACT meetings at District and alternative Drop-ins were being trialed in some SNA’s.  T/Insp Munro—Smith had collated views of PACT meetings over recent months and was asked to discuss findings with Supt Norman.

ACTION:  Inspectors to feedback comments on existing PACT meetings and Drop-ins to T/Insp Munro-Smith.

ACTION:  T/Insp Munro-Smith to prepare report for Supt Norman outlining current structure across the District with positive developmental feedback and future recommendations.

ACTION:  Inspectors are asked to chase up feedback from PC’s, PCSOs etc which should be sent to A/Insp Munro-Smith


13.08.13 – Some feedback had been received and Insps had attended the PACT review meeting chaired by Supt Norman and the Deputy PCC Tracey Cheetham.  Insps are waiting for direction from  the review team before entering into any further consultation or seeking further feedback
























Crime Prevent Strategy – Calendar


Under the new Crime Prevention Strategy PCSS are to patrol in high foot fall areas and regular hotspot areas.  All opportunities where engagement  can be made will be plotted on a calendar.  These can include visiting supermarkets, galas, markets.    This calendar needs to be in place by September 2013.

ACTION:  Trina Chappell will then be asked to produce and populate a District Calendar.

ACTION:  Inspectors are asked to decide whether they require a banner purchasing.  If so colours/dimensions and wording should be submitted.

Kev Burrows and Eamon Larkin are to deliver training regarding this at Street Skills.


13.08.13 – Engagement calendar delayed due to implementation of Optimal visibility. Once this has been implemented in all SNAs consideration will be given to whether a further calendar is required. All suggestions re marketing materials have been provided to T/Insp Lindley for a bid to be submitted.


Eammon Larkin & Kev Burrows will move to College Road and sit within cocooning team. They will assist in the delivery of Street Skills and Pc Burrows will lead on developing accredited CP training for partners. (separate action given by T/CI Hardy)


ACTION- T/Insp Lindley to submit request for additional marketing materials.


















PS Price

Due to changing boundaries etc, it is felt the time is right for a review of NHW across the District. 
ACTION:  Insp Mountford is asked to conduct this review and see how we can best support them across each of the 5 areas. 


AMENDED ACTION – Ps Price requested conduct a review of all watch schemes





Not req’d



SNA Review – Boundaries

Tyrone Ali

A boundary map has now been received in District but does not identify the areas in enough depth.
ACTION:  PC Ali is asked to highlight each of the new areas, street by street.  They should also include the AA1, AA2 markings etc.


ACTION: Pc Ali to circulate the current list of ISD systems which require amending. Inspectors should read and identify any further issues which require amending.


ACTION: T/CI Hardy and Pc Ali to make contact with Sheffield and ISD as it may be they have covered some of these areas previously and will therefore save time and work.



13.08.13 – A map of the boundaries has been finalised and all beat areas have been agreed. Email circulated to Insps & analysts.


Discussions has taken place with the analysts to ensure that performance reports can be maintained pending formal implementation of the change request ISD


ACTION: Pat Hagan has been asked to arrange a meeting with DMBC & SYP analysts to review data capture to facilitate the review of tactical and the interim performance arrangements


ACTION: Pc Ali to meet with Neil Plummer and confirm what systems require amending and what information is required on change request form.









(Deb amended action)



SNA Retail Crime

Insp Mountford

ACTION:  A/Insp Carl Lindley to provide an overview and update on his actions.


ACTION:  Insp Mountford to meet with A/Insp Lindley and PS Price to discuss and identify key tasks for SNA SPOCs.




NEXT MEETING:  TUESDAY, 10 September 2013 10AM



Tuesday, 13 August, 2013 - 14:30