Barnsley District Command Team Meeting

In Attendance:             Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke (Chair)

Superintendent Liz Watson, Operations

T/Chief Inspector Simon Wanless, Safer Neighbourhoods

Phil Swain, Operational Management Accountant

Heather Askwith, HR Operational Partner

A/PS Rob Jenkins, Staff Officer

Mary Verity, Business Manager

CI Debbie Mahmood, Safer Neighbourhoods


Apologies:                   CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response

DCI Mark Wilkie, Crime Manager


Copy to:                       Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer



1.         APOLOGIES


  1. As above.





2.1       The minutes of the last meeting dated 17 September 2013 were agreed as an accurate record.





3.1        Enquiry Desk PostCI Kent to discuss with Chief Supt. Tweed, consideration of an Evidence Review post within the CCTV project.  The vacant Enquiry Desk post has been back-filled via deviations and overtime.  Other options around the post were then discussed.  Action:  Chief Supt. Brooke to liaise with Chief Supt. Tweed and CI Kent in respect of establishing a CCTV Evidence Review post.


3.2       100% Crime Scene AttendanceCI Hodgkinson to update Chief Supt. Brooke and Supt. Watson of the current standing with regard to 100% crime scene attendance.  The Force has estimated District will have to attend a further seven crimes per day in order to achieve 100% crime scene attendance.  The accuracy of this figure was discussed.  Discharged.


3.3       Night Detective CoverChief Supt. Brooke to discuss with Chief Supt. Harwin night detective cover.  Chief Supt. Brooke to then liaise with Det. Chief Supt. Bates and DCC Holt around the provision of night cover.  Chief Supt. Brooke confirmed that both Barnsley and Rotherham would provide night detective cover.  Discharged.





4.1        Summary of Year to Date Performance re PCC Targets


District are showing a 3.8% reduction in overall crime which equates to 346 offences.  This is excellent performance compared to just a few weeks ago.


ASB is down by 7%.   


Burglary dwelling is up by 3.2% (16 offences). 


Vehicle crime is up by 6.9% (73 offences).


Criminal damage is down by 16.6% (291 less offences).


Violence with injury is up by 11.3% (78 offences).  


Hate crime is up by 15.7% (8 offences).  


Positive Outcome Overall Detection Rate – District has the best detection rate within the Force with 31.4% of all crime detected.


4.2        Forthcoming Events/Operations


            The Barnsley Christmas Lights switch on will take place on Wednesday 20 November 2013.


4.3        Continuous Improvement – Clear Ideas


Superintendent Watson is currently reviewing the existing iPolicing meeting format to include  officers that have attended the Clear Ideas training and others that are more interested in attending the meetings.





5.1        Major Crime Investigations


A trial is ongoing at Sheffield Crown Court in respect of Baby K.  Partnerships have agreed a communication strategy and a serious case review has taken place.





6.1        Update from Key Force Meetings


Gold Meeting.  The HMIC Staff Officer is continuing to attend the meetings to provide an update to the HMI.   A decision will be taken at the end of November 2013 as to whether the Force will be put into special measures and intervention. 


Volunteers Meeting.  Although 25 volunteers have been recruited within Force, no volunteers came forward for Barnsley or Doncaster Districts.  T/CI Wanless has suggested that an electronic version of the marketing material be forwarded to District in order for possible recruitment within CSGs, PACT meetings and Neighbourhood Watches.


The number of Barnsley Specials is steadily increasing with less officers resigning.  District will continue to assign any additional Specials onto Response Teams in order for pro-active work to take place.


Ops Partner Meeting.  SCT have agreed a process for officers to take voluntary severance which has been forwarded to the PCC for approval.


6.2        OMA Financial Commentary




Efficiency Savings.  The post currently occupied by Inspector Simon Wanless will be reviewed prior to April 2014 with a view to possibly dis-establishing the post.  Phil Swain advised however he had forwarded a paper to Debbie Carrington for possible continuance of the post due to SCT and Nigel Hiller’s previous funding approval.  Action:  Chief Supt. Brooke to liaise with Supt. Watson in respect of the future of the Inspector Support post.


Modernisation Plans.  No further considerations.


6.3        Closed.


Business Continuity.  Not discussed.


6.4        Business Plan


Business Plan Projects


Mary Verity and Supt. Watson to liaise in respect of updating the plans and current ownership.


6.5       Human Resource Issues




Personnel & Welfare Issues.  Discussed.


            Awards.  The Barnsley Award Ceremony will take place on Tuesday 26 November 2013.


6.6       Performance Visit Action Schedule




6.7        Audit Reports


            A reminder to correctly code items of expenditure on the provision of hospitality budget has been circulated.  There are no issues at Barnsley.


6.8        Analysts


District Analysts have reduced from 2.5 to 0.5 officers.  Although at some stage the Analysts will be centralised, it was felt this will have an impact on the level of data currently provided within District.  Chief Supt. Brooke asked to be made aware of any analytical requests that are lacking. 


6.9        Closed.





7.1       Defibrillators.  A business case is currently being completed around the purchase of defibrillators for use by officers within District.  Action:  Following discussion, Chief Supt. Brooke to contact James Hannabuss, author of the business case, in respect of a possible corporate approach to defibrillator issues.


Tuesday, 12 November, 2013 - 10:00