Firearms Licensing

Firearms Licensing is responsible for issuing the following certificates to residents of South Yorkshire.
  • Firearms certificates
  • Shotgun certificate
  • Explosives certificates
  • European certificates
  • Visitors permits
  • Registered firearms dealership certificates
  • Temporary certificates for shotguns and firearms 

Criteria to hold a certificate

The Firearms Act 1968 sets the standard expected of applicants applying for a certificate. A certificate will be granted to any person who is a resident of South Yorkshire who can possess a shotgun without a danger to public safety or the peace and can demonstrate an approved “good reason” to possess a shotgun.

The test for holding a firearm certificate is stricter and includes a test of whether the applicant is a fit person to hold a certificate. The “good reason” required is also stricter requiring evidence of what each calibre of firearm will be used for by the applicant.

The Home Office Guidance on Firearms Licensing Law sets out the factors that will be taken into account to determine whether an applicant is a fit person and can possess either a shotgun or firearm without a danger to public safety or the peace. Any of the following are likely to adversely impact on any application for a certificate:

·         The applicant is a Prohibited person or is suspected of criminal involvement

·         The applicants suffers from Intemperate habits

·         The applicant has an Unsound mind or other medical condition

·         The applicant has demonstrated an inability to handle firearms safely or provide adequate security

·         The applicant has a history of Domestic violence and abuse

Every application is treated on its own merits. Where necessary the Warrants and Firearms Licensing team will contact GP’s, medical specialists, family and friends of applicants and conduct any prohibited persons and others known/suspected of criminal involvement.

For more information about keeping your firearm safe and secure click here and download a leaflet.