Barnsley District Command Team Meeting

In Attendance:  Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke (Chair)
Superintendent Liz Watson, Operations
Mary Verity, Business Manager
CI Debbie Mahmood, Safer Neighbourhoods
CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response
T/DCI Steve Handley, Crime Manager
Rachael Greenfield, HR Operational Partner
A/PS Rob Jenkins, Staff Officer

Apologies:  Phil Swain, Operational Management Accountant
   T/Chief Inspector Simon Wanless, Safer Neighbourhoods

Copy to:  Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer


1.1 As above.


2.1 The minutes of the last meeting dated 26 November 2013 were agreed as an accurate record.

2.2 T/DCI Handley was welcomed to District and his first Command Team meeting.


3.1 Enquiry Desk Post.  Chief Supt. Brooke to liaise with Chief Supt. Tweed and CI Kent in respect of establishing a CCTV Evidence Review post.  Ongoing.  It is intended that the District will not utilise the post due to this only being 18.5 hours, however work around the post is still being progressed.

3.2 Support Inspector Post.  Chief Supt. Brooke to liaise with Supt. Watson in respect of the future of the Inspector Support post.  A Force decision in respect of Boards is awaited prior to Command Team discussion in respect of the post.   Ongoing. 

3.3 Defibrillators.  Chief Supt. Brooke to contact James Hannabuss, author of the business case, in respect of a possible corporate approach to defibrillator issues.  Ongoing.


4.1 Summary of Year to Date Performance re. PCC Targets

District are green in all Force key tactical areas.  All crime is showing a reduction of 5.2% (600 offences) compared to 509 offences last year.

Burglary dwelling has decreased by 5.9% (41 offences). 

Although District were green mid-December, Vehicle crime has climbed to -2.3% (32 offences).

ASB is down by 8% (best in Force).

Criminal damage has seen a 17.6% reduction (410 offences).

Violence with injury is up 9.1% (82 offences) (previously 11.6% in November 2013).

Hate crime is up by 5.6% (76 offences).  The detection rate is currently 36.8% (34% last month) with the Hate Crime Co-ordinator focusing on individual crimes.

Shoplifting has seen a 6% increase (67 offences).

4.2 Forthcoming Events/Operations

Op Lockdown is continuing.  It was highlighted that Doncaster Ledger Homes circulate a newsletter to all residents of which Op Lockdown will feature.  Berneslai Homes will be contacted to determine if they circulate anything of a similar nature.

A Christmas debrief will be scheduled.  Overall, no major issues were highlighted.  


5.1 Closed.


6.1 Update from Key Force Meetings

A presentation will take place this week with the PCC and other CSP Leaders in respect of CSE in Barnsley. 

The Ofsted Improvement Board has questioned PPUs ability to manage Case Conference reports within timescales allocated, which was felt to be due to staffing issues.  This is currently being addressed.

 The CC and DCC are planning a series of Road Shows in February and March 2014.

6.2 OMA Financial Commentary

Debbie Carrington is to be contacted in respect of the current management of District’s financial arrangements and identification of an OMA.

6.3 Closed.

Business Continuity.  Not discussed.

6.4 Business Plan

Business Plan Projects.  Mary Verity and Superintendent Watson will review the performance action plans. 

Chief Supt. Brooke and CI Mahmood attended an evening Specials meeting to discuss performance, District challenges and support by the Specials.  It is proposed that once staff have achieved the Safe and Lawful status, teams of Specials will be deployed to target District key priority areas.

6.5 Human Resource Issues


Personnel & Welfare Issues.  Discussed.

6.6 Performance Visit Action Schedule

A Performance and Government visit will take place on the 15th January 2014.

6.7 Audit Reports

 No items.

6.8 Tutor Constable Remuneration

Discussion took place at a recent Diversity meeting in relation to a reward system for Tutor Constables and Assessors who are currently undertaking extra work additional to their police duties involving both Student Officers and Special Constables.  Suggestions forwarded included financial or leave rewards, however it was felt such items would need to be considered by the Federation.  Further, if the Specials work demand continued (to ensure achievement of the Safe and Lawful status) then the sustainability of this should be corporately reviewed to either simplify the process or other options considered.  Action:  Supt. Watson to liaise with PS Scholey in respect of addressing the current Specials demand on Tutors/Assessors in achieving the Safe and Lawful status.   Inspector Batty to consider raising remuneration at the next JNCC meeting.

6.9 Closed.

6.10 Cudworth Police Station/Ring Farm Possible Merger

Following a historic suggestion for Cudworth Police Station to be sold and officers migrate to Ring Farm, the PCC has requested a consultation exercise with the community, elected members and PACT meeting involvement around this suggestion.  Action:  Chief Supt. Brooke to liaise with Steve Houghton in respect of the issue.

6.11 One Barnsley Board Commitment – Apprenticeships/Work Experience 

The One Barnsley Board are encouraging every partner to increase its use of apprenticeships and work experience personnel.  The work experience staff will be recruited through the Job Centre and receive a salary for normally around 1 year.  The implications of this was discussed and Mary Verity will progress further.


7.1 Closed.

7.2 Offender Management Unit

T/DCI Handley will visit the team at Acorn House tomorrow.  Split working between the Police Station and Acorn House will be raised.

7.3 Intelligence 

Discussion took place around the relocation of the Intelligence Unit into DHQ and the siting of the PND terminal.


Tuesday, 7 January, 2014 - 10:00