Last year from 1 April 2014 - 31 May 2014, there were 1,799 shoplifting offences in South Yorkshire, with the total value of property stolen estimated at £162,500. Shoplifiting is not a victimless crime, it affects local businesses and damages high streets. It could also land you with a large fine, or even a prison sentence.

We have launched our shoplifting campaign to help tackle the issue, advising shoplifting is not the answer. Sometimes shoplifting may seem like the only option that you have to provide for your family but it could make your situation worse.
















  • If caught, you could receive a £90 fine, adding to your debt problems
  • Non-payment of the fine can lead to prosecution and a custodial sentence
  • If you live in council-provided housing, having stolen goods in your home could be a breach of your tenancy agreement, which can result in eviction

Shoplifting is not the answer, but there is help available

  • Foodbanks are provided across the region by South Yorkshire Community Foundation - click here to find your nearest one
  • Contact a debt advice organisation who will provide expert advice in managing debt
  • If you live in council-managed housing, speak to the provider to see if you can arrange a manageable payment plan

What are we doing to tackle shoplifting?

  • Targeted operations
  • Working closely with retailers
  • Targeted patrols and use of mobile CCTV where known shoplifters operate
  • Encouraging retail crime champions in each local authority area
  • Encouraging the use of and developing the Shop Watch initiative including Introducing radio links

Protect your store

If you're a retailer click here for help and advice on how to protect your store from shoplifters. 

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