Letters of appreciation

Reproduced below are extracts from some of the letters of thanks received by the Chief Constable:


Please pass on my thanks to PC 2278 Brett Thompson, PC 2201 Andrew Hellen, PC 0955 Grahame Ackroyd and PC 2921 John Doe for their assistance following a robbery at my electrical store.  They were very supportive and helpful and seemed to go the extra mile.  We are very grateful for a job well done.

I am writing to make you aware of the excellent assistance that both DI Alex Hughes and DS 0347 Mitch Guite have given to Vehicle and Operator Services Agency’s (VOSA) intelligence Unit, with regard to CHIS work and the understanding of roles and responsibilities within the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIPA) Act.  Mitch has been a tremendous help with this and I would like to pass on my thanks not only to the officers mentioned above but also to the team as a whole.  Partnership working is something that is high on VOSA's agenda and I look forward to working with your teams in the near future.

I would like to thank PC 1456 Matthew Jackson, PC 2611 Nichola Garbett and CS 8320 Anthony Holmes for the superb job that they did at my husband’s funeral on 4 March.  We would not have coped with the traffic without their help.

I write to commend PC 0867 Barry Goodwin who dealt with an incident recently.  Throughout he was patient, courteous and understanding, as he was during his follow-up to the incident.

Please pass on our thanks to PC 1787 Craig Lee, who came to our home to visit us after we were the victims of a crime.  He calmed us, was professional and his manner was impeccable.  We feel that he is an asset to your team and to the police force in general.

I would like to express my gratitude to DC 3809 David Whitehouse and his team for the way in which they conducted an investigation recently.  I was attacked a few months ago and the help that I received from everyone involved in SYP was tremendous.  I was kept informed of progress at all times and given assistance throughout the court procedure. Police professionalism and support helped me through a traumatic period.

Thank you so much for inviting me to your presentation evening.  It was lovely to meet PC 3699 Amanda Dickens and the team.  Please thank PC 3841 Darren Boulding and his team for the job they did.

I would like to thank DC 0150 Richard Jones and PC 1284 Joe Lack for all of the help they have given me following a series of burglaries, which led to the arrest of a prolific burglar.  This will reduce the threat to properties in this area.

I am writing to express our gratitude to the PCSOs under CS 8003 Dane Plant, who gave their time and expertise, to help make the inaugural Whiston Festival of Brass a huge success.  The festival attracted nearly 2000 spectators, who were directed and controlled with professionalism by the PCSOs and thanks to them, no incidents occurred.

Please pass on my thanks to PS 3874 Russell Hughes and the officers from TSG teams OY11 and OY14, who used my flat during a recent incident.  They behaved impeccably and were very kind to me and I am grateful to them for putting my shopping away and putting my flowers in a vase for me.

Please pass on my thanks to PC 0532 Roger Lord and PC 0458 Simon Crawford who assisted me when my van suffered a puncture in the early hours of the morning.  At the time, I was driving along the A1(M) near Tickhill and had to stop on the small hard shoulder.  The officers stopped and offered their help with changing the tyre.

Please pass on my thanks to PC 2539 Jonathan Brooks, who apprehended a shoplifter in my shop while off-duty.  The fact that he chose to intervene while off-duty is much appreciated.

I am writing to express my gratitude to PC 2102 Michael Eustis and PC 0229 John Taylor, who helped me when I got stuck on the M1.  My car suffered a bad puncture and despite the freezing weather, the officers managed to change the tyre on the hard shoulder.  In the meantime, they offered me the warmth of the police car and a sense of security.

I am writing the thank PC 0790 James Heaton, for his work in catching the thief who stole my car.  He pursued the thief by car and then on foot through the woods for about a mile, before eventually apprehending him.  I am hugely appreciative for the amazing job he did.

On behalf of Snowin Services, I would like to thank DC 3089 Nina Kitchener and all of her staff, who took part in Operation Monarch over the Christmas and New Year Period.  The Operation covered our ATM deliveries and retail collections.  The service provided was exemplary and all of our operatives said that they felt safe and reassured.

I would like to thank Julie Stott, CS 8138 Joanne Weatherall and CS 8320 Anthony Holmes, who assisted me when I had cause to call 101 recently.  They were, polite, helpful and caring.

Please pass on my thanks to PC 0372 Shahid Bhatti and PC 0398 Sam Wardman, who assisted me following a burglary at my home.

I would like to thank PC 3050 Amanda Clayton and all of the other officers who provided assistance at my Mother’s funeral, which was attended by 350 people.  Without their help, I feel that the traffic problem, together with snow and ice, could have caused an accident.

I would like to thank all of the officers who were involved in the policing of the recent visit to South Yorkshire by HRH The Princess Royal.  The protection they provided was excellent.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks DS 0220 Ian Proffitt for both his professionalism and efficiency during a recent investigation and court case.  I would also like to thank South Yorkshire Police for providing sufficient uniformed officers to provide additional protection and support during the inquest.

I would like to thank Con 1731 Mark Huxley, Con 1838 James Walsh, Con 3471 Lisa Cooke and Stuart Lister for the assistance they gave me when I had my bag stolen.  I have just received the last of the recovered items.

I would like to thank Insp. Steven Mouzer and the team who helped to find a missing person during the recent heavy snowfall.

I am writing to say a big thank you to PC 1957 Michael Hedges and his staff for running  the excellent “Driving Safely for the Over 60s” course, held at the Lifewise Centre in Rotherham.  I found it motivating and relevant.

Please pass on my thanks to PC 1528 Ben Hall, who assisted me in finding my brother who had gone missing.  I was impressed with the professionalism, empathy and response to my call.

I would like to thank Ch. Supt. Jason Harwin, Ch. Insp Richard Butterworth, Insp. Neil Mutch, Sgt. 0841 Darren Hendleman and Sgt. 3574 Collette Pitcher for all the hard work they put into the planning and implementation of the Olympic Torch Relay.  Many members of the Torch Relay Team also commented on how the South Yorkshire Police motorcycle traffic team engaged with the crowd.  Put simply, without these officers, the Torch Relay in your area would not have been a success.