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"I’ve done sneak-ins, just go round trying the door handles and it’s like they say - 1 in 4 don’t lock the door"
Malcolm had to close down his pub, all because of gang crime. Step out of the shadows & report gang crime to us. https://t.co/t9Tr8zGmjy
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Did you witness serious collision in Swinton this morning? https://t.co/cgNqYAy03a
Sorry about that we don't have a num for Doncaster, it's just 101 Can you DM your num and I'll ask someone to call you back?
Thanks for this, is there any particular officer you would like to thank?
Hi, when was the call back? Where is the car being driven I'll pass it onto the local policing team. Thanks
Thank you, if it is abandoned it would be for the local council. More info here https://t.co/uqroghy3Uk Thanks
Do you know who owns this metal? https://t.co/MyoLDf0soe https://t.co/QsQ4srrz2P
Hi Pete, have you reported this via 101? We cannot take reports over twitter. Thanks
Rocky and Evo top dogs at national competition - https://t.co/sqBDfEDoJZ https://t.co/0pOJnSvuys
Hi Charlene, did you manage to get through? You can also report on line at https://t.co/kiGyLEmb13 Thanks
Thanks Oliver I'll pass it onto the local policing team for that area.
Morning from one of our traffic cops at Flamborough. Working in partnership with https://t.co/4w2dzNdS4G
Hi Darren, where is this? I can pass onto the local police in that area. Thanks
Did you see collision on the A628 ? https://t.co/xgAaOlIDyN
We've teamed up with to bring you team programme. Interested? https://t.co/HbsC9ztPcz https://t.co/iVyUCcJF6t
How would you feel if this happened was your son or daughter? Shine a & gang crime to us. https://t.co/3Tp1OMWmQS
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Hi Richard, where is the please? I can pass it on to the local policing team. Thanks
Fatal collision in South Anston - https://t.co/MuYJZvbdyf
21-year-old man charged with firearms offence in - https://t.co/7iYOmoT9Ow
man jailed for kidnap and firearms offence - https://t.co/hQ7ITPLG3h https://t.co/RqV3qcX0rD
UPDATE: Missing Rotherham man Michael Forster, 44, was found on Saturday 20 August. Thanks for sharing our appeal to find him