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Are you or someone close to you affected by ? Talk to a survivor at our Q&A on Wednesday, 10am-11am:… https://t.co/4BUNq7FIP9
men sentenced for drug offences https://t.co/IxBrD3YDLE
We're signing off twitter now, we'll be back at 8am tomorrow. Looks like our new recruits have had a… https://t.co/iyd2lWTGse
RT : NEWS: Officers in trial night vision goggles on patrol to tackle crime in the town centre… https://t.co/ymw9Uzfi95
APPEAL: Did you witness dog bite incident in on Boxing Day? Man pictured may hold vital info… https://t.co/wJaPH3qJyC
WANTED: Have you seen Jamie Reid? https://t.co/c1w6BEyXnF
22-year-old man jailed for burglary - https://t.co/RbJLjQYw7W
NEWS: Man jailed for over 3yrs for distraction burglary in https://t.co/K2NVRBJKHt https://t.co/icr2U8a31R
Got a question for a domestic abuse survivor or DS Anthony Fitzwilliam? Join our Q&A this Wednesday at 10am–11am:… https://t.co/L98ewIfTYt
Do you know about our programme? If you're age 16-25 & in , apply for the course! It's free!… https://t.co/HWKNpucQI0
29 arrests, 12 cars seized, 19 cars stopped - read more results from here:… https://t.co/wUtHW1ThrH
Did you see this reported robbery in https://t.co/Fz1bKAPvrx
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Morning all. It's frosty out so please make sure your car windows are clear and stay safe on the roads. https://t.co/lzcuO52I2g
Update: 15-year-old Olivia Wood from Doncaster has now been found safe and well. Thank you to everyone who shared o… https://t.co/ojmfIEEBMk
Update: 15-year-old Britney Rollinson from Rotherham, has now been found safe and well. Thank you for sharing our a… https://t.co/s4ZzaWwK6X
Missing: Have you seen 15-year-old Olivia from ? https://t.co/VumH3h3K4g https://t.co/NmqXYwvJpW
lands in today and we're out in force. If you see us, play our game! More info here:… https://t.co/n4wBBp4mz4
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Attempted robbery at a Rotherham retail park - https://t.co/mJC5ueQTY6
Super success in Doncaster Duxford https://t.co/B5DkYoXam2 https://t.co/sPK8uRddiO