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If you’re not sure when to call 101, visit our new webpage to find out. #whoyougonnacall http://t.co/cmvJT3OtpQ
@Kimblefade Hi, all money confiscated under the Proceeds of Crime Act is shared between the government, the courts, the CPS & the police.
COURT RESULT: Convicted #Barnsley drug dealer ordered to pay back £20k http://t.co/VLPTYPTmcZ
@artoftiamat Hi yes you can still report it, please call 101 and somebody will be able to help you. Thanks
Second conviction in South Yorkshire under drug driving law http://t.co/JEon6zIIOq
@singlethankgod Thanks I'll look into it for you.
@hawksworth62 Hi, we're not responsible for the sentencing of offenders, this is the Crown Prosecution Service. Thanks
#Wakeupdontfakeup - criminals behind #counterfeit good sites often will use your details for other scams
Can you help @NYorksPolice locate wanted man Andrew Love? http://t.co/ZCCCy9Vhuu http://t.co/ARroOVTptw
@nolaf83 Hi thank you for getting in touch, see link http://t.co/m6suAlFAum
A #Sheffield man has been charged with possessing wild owls http://t.co/QrXUGkIVRb
@nolaf83 Please check out our web site http://t.co/YCbwUZTfeP under Work for us, there is a section for specials the details are there.
If you shoplift and are caught, you could get a £90 fine or worse a prison sentence. #NotTheAnswer.
@singlethankgod Hi Ian, do you have an incident num? If you have please DM us and I will look into it for you. Thanks
@Stuho1mez Hi it would be @DoncCentralLPT Thanks
Further appeal following Hathersage Road collision http://t.co/HfKk35apsB
To help stop shoplifting - Do not place displays of tempting goods close to doors #NotTheAnswer
If you have friends & relatives in #Rotherham who use the Post Office pls let them know about #AdoptAPostOffice: http://t.co/Shg9KuFfCh
Did you know #fake suncream often contains little or no SPF at all. It’s not worth the risk #Wakeupdontfakeup
Shoplifting may seem like the only option - It isn’t, there is advice available. #NotTheAnswer http://t.co/LEBGucoteI
@i_shot_the Hi there, @DoncEastLPT is the one you want! Check out this map for the LPT boundaries: https://t.co/6fELlz8ZKT
Do you live in Doncaster? Follow your local policing teams for updates: @DoncWestLPT, @DoncEastLPT, @DoncCentralLPT. Follow and say hello!
Can you help @nottspolice find wanted man Henry Spencer? http://t.co/ejLE1cOL7t http://t.co/j2eTbksvfb
@margateowl Hi please send us a direct message and I'll have a look into it for you. Thanks
@margateowl Hi Fiona, if you call 101 they will be able to make contact with the officer and ask them to call you back. Thanks