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Burglars quickly get in & out of your home. Keep your doors & windows locked at all times even if you’re just in th… https://t.co/opLz8m2xhD
Hi, officers were present at however if you would like to report something please ring 101. Thanks!
How do you want your night out to end? Prison, injury, death or feet up at home? https://t.co/9gr5XuyNaPhttps://t.co/RxrO60KAS6
Did you see our officers at ? If you got a photo with an officer share it with us! https://t.co/iys1bHVM5K
Are you going out tonight? Have you set your burglar alarm? Remember to set it again when you go to bed & lock your… https://t.co/wZq8OHM15L
Going out tonight? Don't carry . We can & will search anyone we believe is carrying a weapon.… https://t.co/k634spRX3d
Hi, please our response on our website and Twitter feed. Thanks!
Force response to IPCC findings into handling of Ian Watkins investigation. The IPCC's findings can be read here… https://t.co/i7afwwhoeG
Thanks for following us this week, we're signing off for the weekend. We will be back on Monday morning. Have a good weekend.
News: Arrests made in investigation into firearms incident https://t.co/8IUCYaGRE3 https://t.co/iZ2vBeLPXN
Appeal: Officers appeal for witnesses to armed robbery in Did you see anything? https://t.co/jP0GUwZhTE https://t.co/4LAuipwB2r
See what other crime prevention advice Eamonn Larkin, Crime Reduction Officer has to offer: https://t.co/nUyrItsyqvhttps://t.co/OTd5bw1gYi
An 18-year-old Rotherham man has been charged with three counts of burglary and one count of attempt burglary. https://t.co/BmJA2QKLdT
Have a great time if you are at this weekend. Don't forget to send us selfies of you & our officers… https://t.co/lgLWKRqt4p
RT : Whether in UK or abroad remember these steps to stay safe in event of attack. Also check advice here… https://t.co/QeKx3gNzg7
News: launches first Operation Street Safe. Read about the activity and results achieved here-… https://t.co/OtyNwrdUPc
Our thoughts are with all those affected by last night's events in 🇪🇸❤️ https://t.co/FJ2onUZxRm
Please can you call us on 101 to report?
We acknowledge previous failings but we are committed to supporting victims of CSE. Find out what… https://t.co/0fDSOk0tS8
Appeal: Did you see this collision in ? Can you help officers with their investigation?… https://t.co/lNkeqq4nDp
Sorry , a cops gotta do what a cops gotta do! Hope you can catch up on your sleep 💤
Morning, I think this might be the answer: https://t.co/78s7EyiyoF
Morning everyone, our police pup Stanley wants to say it with flowers on , hope you have a great day! https://t.co/xJxUuUITjr
If you wish to make a report, please contact your local force on 101