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2/2 They answered as many Qs as possible in 1 hr. If they didn’t answer your Q we’ll publish those replies on our website as soon as we can.
1/2 Tonight @ChiefNYP & @ChSuptjharwin answered your questions live online. Replay the chat: https://t.co/QEmW61gb0R https://t.co/YCIzryeuXd
We want to speak to this man about shoplifting in #Doncaster call @CrimestoppersUK to help. https://t.co/X8zJsr8jrO
Our Q&A with I/CC Dave Jones and T/ACC Jason Harwin is now live on our website, until 7pm: https://t.co/dzRWHbxmUI
@busterknutt1 Hi, @NPAS_CarrGate tweeted about this earlier - check their account for updates. Thanks
@suetom1986 Hi, Please can you call 101 & speak with a call handler about this? If you have an incident number that would be helpful
At 6pm our Q&A with @ChiefNYP & @ChSuptjharwin begins. Click here to post your questions when the web chat starts: https://t.co/UVpxCEwqTX
Witness appeal following reported distraction burglary in #Rotherham https://t.co/8VXhqK8Wr2 https://t.co/IZrJL78J3f
Missing from #Barnsley - have you seen Steven? https://t.co/jvbs15PXFX https://t.co/kC5HzafT8p
Statement on Orgreave from Chief Constable Dave Jones, Interim Chief Constable for South Yorkshire Police https://t.co/hwnTOR8MYy
Can you help identify this man? We want to speak to him about shoplifting in #Doncaster. Call @CrimestoppersUK https://t.co/VJrbCHsVe3
RT @ChiefNYP: It's been a challenging few days for both @NYorksPolice @syptweet during the transition grateful for the internal/external su…
#Sheffield woman on trial for offences under the Terrorism Act - https://t.co/jG9lln2jnP
Four teenagers interviewed following assault on 13-year-old girl in #Sheffield - https://t.co/GkS1QyTpuC
@D2theG Hi, You can contact your local policing team about this - please call 101 or email rotherhamsouthlpt@southyorks.pnn.police.uk
Good Morning! Our interim Chief Constable will be online tonight from 6pm, join in the chat: https://t.co/2D4Did92Ya
Do you know this man? We want to speak to him about shoplifting in #Doncaster. Call @CrimestoppersUK to help. https://t.co/E69Q9rGasf
Our interim Chief Constable and temp Assistant Chief Constable will answer your questions online tomorrow from 6pm: https://t.co/UVpxCEwqTX
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@sheffieldmiller Hi Martin, @RothSouth_LPT may be able to advise - can you help, team?
@windowlicker79 @SheffieldStar Hi Dan, It took us just over 10 minutes to arrive at the incident.
Can you help our colleagues in @NWPolice find this #wanted man? https://t.co/3MZJXgWFsd
@damiennota1 Hi, It looks like the Doncaster Council logo is on the sign in the pic, so I'd advise you contact them: https://t.co/379elEAgUo
Join our interim Chief Constable and temp Assistant Chief Constable for a live online Q&A tomorrow at 6pm: https://t.co/UVpxCEwqTX