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Elderly man injured by firework in Darnall, - Did you see anything? Can you help? https://t.co/WJW6AyhGyg
I don’t go out, I don’t see my friends any more. I only go where he lets me. Who’s pulling your strings?… https://t.co/Uirn50cSaQ
It's check out PCSO Bentley's spooktacular pumpkin carving skills. Have a good evening see you in the AM https://t.co/KfcEYM7ABs
Witnesses urged to come forward following robbery - https://t.co/SBZM90bany
Hi Kieran, please can you report this via 101 or online: https://t.co/QtHfVeu7CY thanks
Have you spotted our on screens in ? Put an end to . Tell someone:… https://t.co/yUsqIiw6cc
Hi Maggie, this is nationally.
CCTV released in connection to robbery - https://t.co/rAaDbIDhBK
Its estimated that Police receive a domestic related emergency call every...?
Hi Tony, We support this garage and other businesses in their steps to reduce levels of crime.
Follow for updates from PC Pumpkin during the ! Visit https://t.co/9N3sVV10ih for more in… https://t.co/nzI4hooOVI
Hi, Can you tell us where you saw this please and we can forward it to the Local Policing Team for that area?
NEIGHBOURHOOD NEWS: Great work by for returning this stolen retirement present to its rightful owner. https://t.co/IT48xkcpG4
Could someone guess your passwords? https://t.co/FV9mMcfk5Q
Is your password safe? Think random to protect from identity fraud - https://t.co/19EzWhvKE6
UPDATE: Missing 25-year-old Alex White, reported missing yesterday, has been found safe and well. Thank you for sharing our appeal.
Good morning everyone, we hope you have a good day.
I remember when I could just be me… but these days I’m more like his puppet. Who’s pulling your strings?… https://t.co/OAdxi9B7S5
Have you seen missing 25-year-old Alex White? https://t.co/xv6FXe4DsY https://t.co/OxQdVpeN2y
Thanks for following us today, we will be back in the morning. Have a good evening all.
Work has started on a new joint fire and police station in https://t.co/OxnL6FeQ8M
COURT: Man appears charged with alleged burglary https://t.co/5tsLolMIhQ https://t.co/ZkDTXUaxKC
Reduction in ASB and crime incidents reported in Doncaster https://t.co/xonkDGw0kt
APPEAL: Fatal collision in last night - did you see anything? Please call 101 https://t.co/1PSf8SDyvx https://t.co/m4majib8MA
Good morning all. Extra patrols will be out keeping you safe this week. https://t.co/qdfMDT8lMj