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Got questions about gang crime? Join us for a web chat this Wednesday, 7pm-8pm: https://t.co/QEmW61gb0Rhttps://t.co/KkTBFksxpR
Well done to the new recruits for completing their first day of in . Have a good eveni… https://t.co/Yz4F4w3ydM
RT : Great to be part of launch of in SouthYorkshire https://t.co/sOZJeJIUex
Hi, thank you for offering to help. We will DM you further details.
Another snap from Saturday's sparkling https://t.co/YdglerrYmE
Hats off to everyone who made Rotherham Carnival such a special day https://t.co/hven4vWlau
Oops - we'll change it right away!
Hats off to those of you who made Rotherham Carnival such a special Sunday https://t.co/kWZNhlfp0h
If you're a student, come and see the team today at The Diamond building. https://t.co/5jvs5oTWtH
APPEAL: Do you hold information about petrol station robbery? https://t.co/wzCIlMQXWJ https://t.co/eDmuMeSid2
UPDATE: Further arrests made in connection with man's death https://t.co/Fnqrjbntnp https://t.co/r2HpwSDQ20
RT : Over the weekend our PCSOs have visited 173 homes in & Crookesmoor to prevent burglaries.They found 3 insecure.
Morning all. For updates about our officers' excavation in Kos, please take a look at our Facebook page: https://t.co/NVp6NCZroL
BEN NEEDHAM: A Team of officers today begin an excavation at a site in Kos, Greece, in the search for https://t.co/k6G420Q9Ju
If you’re living in halls always lock your door even if you’re just going down the corridor. Never prop communal doors open.
Off out instead of watching ? Know your limits and stick to them – have a https://t.co/wbZoPipmAC
New student? Don’t lose your stuff to thieves. Ensure you lock doors and windows when you go out.
Don’t send an open invite to burglars. Always ensure your windows and doors are locked, even if you're just in the garden.
Drivers in Doncaster are still getting behind the wheel without a seat belt. Suprisingly high numbers revealed - https://t.co/xW0DQbZa1H
The new recruits hang up their hats after their first week. Have a great weekend and keep safe. We'll… https://t.co/o08Cj4m4E7
Hi Alan, in 2015 applied for government funding to continue the search for Ben, this doesn't come from us. Thanks
Enjoy your night out tonight, but please stay safe. Have a – here are some tips https://t.co/x04pW0xZnd
APPEAL: Robbery in - do you recognise man in e-fit image? https://t.co/H9a3uTqibN https://t.co/IFRVuxFSly
Hi Ian, We are looking into the WMP initiative. Thanks
Hi Paul, please can you report this online https://t.co/QtHfVeu7CY. We'll also forward this on to the local policing team. Thanks