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NEWS: A man has been jailed for eight years and placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life after bein… https://t.co/UMgODeW0rF
RT : The GLAA is currently developing pilot licensing projects across car washes and nail bars – did you know these plac… https://t.co/RH42bppUpr
RT : can be found in many industries, including construction, hospitality, car washes, nail bars, cleanin… https://t.co/5MIvrjU1BE
UPDATE: Missing girl found 16-year-old Sara Khan who was reported missing from the Flanderwell area of… https://t.co/tvmBZK6UwC
Big shout out to our amazing furry colleagues on . They work very hard for us and they have close bo… https://t.co/YPh24YYNhO
UPDATED APPEAL: Missing from - Can you help us find Sara Khan? https://t.co/ZqVjjTaxeK https://t.co/2rfQdzncP8
Hi, The best way to get an update about your incident is to call 101 and speak to a call handler,… https://t.co/1rjSKvo8Ut
Hi, This could be something could answer. Can you help, guys?
Hi, Please would you be able to confirm that this has been reported to us & officers have been passed… https://t.co/vQ7ko5gF44
Hi, As this was in Lincolnshire, may be able to help with this.
NEWS: man sentenced for drug dealing offences https://t.co/byZBrR2668 https://t.co/KcM3fgaoS1
RT : We will be tweeting information and advice about and today in support of… https://t.co/hlWqjFLSwv
Morning all. Have you seen Emily's 'look back' video yet? If you're a parent and your child uses social media, plea… https://t.co/MGJUOZLhah
Hi, this is a national campaign which lots of forces supported. See for more details.
A little help goes a long way.... Click the link to read about some unique training our Mounted Section have been h… https://t.co/IQFnJfgyPE
News: Man sentenced for drug offences. A Doncaster man has today (19/2/18) been sentenced to a year behi… https://t.co/VgAUe6Bj2T
We wanted to share Emily’s ‘look back’ video with you - it carries an important message. This video is based on re… https://t.co/i0oAaAaee1
NEWS: A man has been jailed for two-and-a-half years after admitting assault and coercive control charge… https://t.co/brpd894kid
Did you see our officers working to tackle knife crime as part of last week? Here is Chief Supt Shaun Mo… https://t.co/IdwGEInNeR
NEWS: A 29-year-old man has been given a six-month concurrent prison sentence for possession of a mobile phone. Ric… https://t.co/hsKw8uZonO
EVENT: Young people taking part in programme in gave a royal welcome to… https://t.co/zucmQ8rEh3
WANTED - Have you seen Alex Teasdale? Officers in are still looking for 24yo Alex, who is wanted. Any in… https://t.co/0yNmLidQ9Y
Sorry about this Nick. We have passed your comment on to the neighbourhood inspector. Thanks again for raising with us.
We have passed this on to the local neighbourhood team . Thanks