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Our mounted officers are supporting in town centre today. If you see them, get a pic and tag u… https://t.co/ZJSJuiYsrL
Here's PC Sam Whitehead and Enforcement Officer Jeanette Millward doing house-to-house as part of… https://t.co/ZMxxJv2MIO
Great results coming from following some search activity in the Spital Hill area of the ci… https://t.co/2v2mqKfBl3
Thanks for the support from our this morning as we carried out searches in as part of https://t.co/VirTn0Prz8
RT : Your update so far - hundreds of people spoken to, three arrests, a quantity of cannabis seized and two… https://t.co/6kqWL5T8j2
RT : PCSOs at Old Mill Lane Asda supporting as part of https://t.co/BaawoF1Qai
Another knife seized during warrants this morning in and as part of .… https://t.co/xJs1XHXfwE
Hi, please can you provide further details and report this to us by calling 101 or via our online form… https://t.co/D6q7iQkZv8
Second warrant of the day for one of the teams here in . A quantity of cannabis seized. More info to follo… https://t.co/MOE9OaBgsZ
RT : Officers from Royston will be at engagement stalls in Co-op, Cudworth, Asda Old Mill Lane and Barnsley Hospital tod… https://t.co/qBSSnu6On1
RT : in Barnsley today. Watch this space and for updates.
Hi Linzi, thanks for offering your help. Emily was found safe and well on 10 February.
Officers working as part of have recovered this large knife during a warrant. https://t.co/XHRRc0L9qt
Not only can knives cause injury or death, but just carrying one could result in up to four years in pri… https://t.co/lPd4Fa08KG
returns to . Officers have been out on the ground since early this morning, carrying out warran… https://t.co/j8SUOzXkvW
Taser dots are red Our lights are blue If you commit crime We’re coming for you! Happy ! https://t.co/I5Q7QgkboM
MISSING: Have you seen Ian? He's been missing from area for three weeks. He could have travelled elsew… https://t.co/C3VSgN76vl
UPDATE into incident at Sheffield school: https://t.co/W4jVGuHxmd
: Officers undertake knife test purchases - https://t.co/LEomixaD8t
NEWS: An 18-year-old man has been sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for two years, after pleading guilty… https://t.co/KZEaWH9uUb
Suspected pepper spray was discovered in an unopened package when a warrant was executed as part of this… https://t.co/bxWACKwtlJ
Our is showing his support for this week - watch his video below https://t.co/R5Rmdg3mI3
KNIFE CRIME: This machete was seized in several weeks ago. While it wasn't recovered during… https://t.co/7afF700piW
Two men have been arrested following an incident at a Sheffield school this morning. Officers believe it is an "iso… https://t.co/iAKruRGbnB