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They may have a few left but our PCSO at Eccy Rd Waitrose definitely had a supply! Be quick though!
Hello...is it PCSOs Harron and Toulson you’re looking for? Catch them at Tesco on this morning for gadget… https://t.co/4SzkdliZwr
Appeal: Enquiries continue into burglary investigation https://t.co/7ieml03KY3 Do you recognise this man… https://t.co/AnCQDLY2Go
A key way to tackle knife crime is through educating people & as part of we have a team of… https://t.co/rNp9Xd50CU
Hi both, Thanks for your messages. If you haven't already reported this to us, please call 1… https://t.co/4olAVqKEL7
Thanks for the feedback! Where was this? We'll see if we can pass your message onto the officers. Thanks!
Messages sent via SYP Alerts are bespoke to specific areas of South Yorkshire and for specific audiences… https://t.co/XyrLeK72dj
Morning all, just a thought...are you signed up to https://t.co/vs8ZTzFx47? Our officers are sending out messages t… https://t.co/saCsvUmGzd
Hi Mickie, if you have concerns regarding anything you have seen please call us on 101 to discuss. We u… https://t.co/DgEdd1AIBU
From looking at the map you sent, this is in Derbyshire Police force area, which is why we haven't had a… https://t.co/AdJ10r5ILT
From checking our system we haven't had any reports of this. Please ring asap when it's safe to do so, s… https://t.co/TJOkAcswFW
Ran out of characters! It’s an offence under section 141a Criminal Justice Act 1998, amended by the Vi… https://t.co/AkAXNoHVka
Four shops visited in , one failed and sold knives to our under 18 test purchase volunteer. It's an offen… https://t.co/0ialiTwGn8
Yes having a chat but more importantly, engaging with young people in their environment about the dan… https://t.co/YNTzqyn5eh
It's not just about enforcement to reduce & tackle knife crime. Education is key. Here's DCI Paul Murphy & officers… https://t.co/W2K941F53J
How do you want your night out to end? Stopped, searched and shamed? https://t.co/4FOZpfgA1z
Evening patrols as part of , starting with a little engagement on Devonshire Green and the Peace Gardens… https://t.co/d5Ru4hAKR2
Evening patrols as part of , starting with a little engagement on Devonshire Green in and the Peace Garde… https://t.co/e8f6acriF5
RT : Here I am with a police team searching land in for knives and drugs. It's all part of 's contr… https://t.co/nAGDXqpu73
Missing: Seen Sara? Call 101 and quote incident no. 1105 of 11 Feb - https://t.co/UTdJsbAIkM https://t.co/lKW6IWn9Rp
RT : A presentation on Guns and Knives Takes Lives delivered to Year 13 students at All Saints Catholic students this mo… https://t.co/mci6Oqihjo
is a hive of activity - all week we’ve been tackling knife crime in our communities. Part of this sees… https://t.co/B9hjadIo0t
Hi Joe, Please call 101 to discuss this with a call handler. Our social media team do not have access… https://t.co/w03O9oGpce
Hi Joe. Incident numbers have never been posted they are supplied at the time of the call. Please ring 101 to discuss. Thanks.