Special Constable Assessment Process

What does the Specials Recruit Assessment Process involve?

The Specials Recruit Assessment Process consists of the following:

  • one written exercise
  • a competency based structured interview
  • a situational judgement test

All candidates will do the same exercises and will be assessed equally - no previous police experience is required.

All assessments take place at: South Yorkshire Police Training Centre, Robert Dyson House, Doncaster Road, Wath upon Dearne.

All of the assessment process documents were produced in line with the Plain English Campaign guidelines and  you will be throughly briefed on each exercise before you start.

Written Exercise

In the exercise, you will need to prepare a proposal document. In the proposal document you need to write about issues relating to the topic of the exercise and make suggestions to resolve them. The specific considerations you will be asked to write about will be outlined in the exercise. 

The written exercise will last for 20 minutes. 

We will provide paper and pens, together with a ‘Proposal Document Template’ to write your response, a copy of which is in The Westshire Centre Welcome Pack. You may make rough notes on a separate piece of paper. You will be assessed in the written exercise after you have finished the whole assessment process.


The interview will last for up to 20 minutes and you will be asked four questions about how you have dealt with specific situations in the past. These questions will be related to the competency areas relevant to the role of a Special Constable, details of which will be sent to you prior to the assessment process.

You will be given up to five minutes to answer each question. The person interviewing you will stop you if you go over the five minutes. As the person interviewing you asks you the question, they will also give you a written copy of the question to refer to. They may ask you further questions to help you to give a full response.

You will be assessed on five different competencies during the 20 minute interview.  Oral Communication will be assessed throughout the interview and you will be asked one question in relation to the following four competency areas:

  • Openness to Change
  • Professionalism
  • Service Delivery
  • Working with Others

Situational Judgement Test

The situational judgement test will last for 50 minutes.  During this assessment, you will be presented with 25 questions. Each question describes a situation and provides you with a choice of four response options. You will be asked to use your judgement to rate the effectiveness of each of the response options. Once you have made your decision you will then fill in the appropriate spaces on an answer sheet we provide. We will give you full instructions before you start the test. You will be assessed in the situational judgement test after you have finished the whole assessment process.


Results will be sent by email within two weeks of the assessment. 

A ‘Candidate Feedback Report’ providing detailed information on how you performed in the assessment process will be supplied on request. The aim of the report is to show how you performed in each of the competency areas and exercises.

Please Note:

Reasonable adjustments can be provided.

Should you have any condition, temporary or otherwise (e.g. pregnancy, injury, disability, including dyslexia etc.) that might cause you to be disadvantaged during the assessment process you may be entitled to reasonable adjustments.
If you believe you may have a condition that could disadvantage you at the assessment process, please contact the force you are applying to, who will be able to assist you with your application.
Any reasonable adjustments provided for the assessment process will be based on the information provided to us in a relevant report produced by an appropriately qualified professional. Reasonable adjustments may include additional time in the SJT and written exercises or other adjustments as recommended by a specialist.

Next Step

After the assessment has been completed you will go onto the next stage, please see the list below for a breakdown of the steps involved.

1. Medical questionnaire

You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire which needs to be signed by your GP.

2. Medical appointment

You will be seen by an Occupational Health Nurse who will complete a series of screening tests. Including blood pressure, height and weight, urine check, vision test, spirometry test to check your lung function and an audiometry test to check your hearing. You will be told on the day whether you have passed or failed.

3. Fitness Test

You will be asked to complete a fitness test, which must be passed before you can move on with the process.

4. References

5. Drug and bio metric test

A representative from an external company who specialises in substance misuse testing will conduct the test.  Your sample cannot be analysed without your consent so, you will be asked to complete a consent form on the day.

6. Vetting

For more information about the vetting process please click here