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Date published: 13 October 2021 11:59

Inspection of Statement of Accounts

Public notice 2020-21

A guide to your rights 2020-21

Delayed Publication of Audited 2020/21 Statement of Accounts

The 2020/21 draft statement of accounts of the PCC Group, the PCC and the Chief Constable were published in accordance with statutory deadlines. However, the external audit of the draft statement of accounts for the year ended 31 March 2021 has not yet been completed by our external auditors, Grant Thornton UK LLP. This is due to unexpected Covid-19 related absences which have delayed the progress of the audit. The Chief Constable is assured however that the in house work has been completed for the finalisation of the audit.

This situation is allowed for by Regulation 10, paragraph (2a) of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015. Therefore this notification explains, as per paragraph (2a), that we are not yet able to publish our audited 2020/21 final statement of accounts in line with the deadline of 30th September 2021, as per paragraph (1).

The audit and issue of the audit opinion is expected to conclude during October 2021. The Audit Committee will consider the results of the 2020/21 audit at its meeting on 8 December 2021, after which we will publish the final audited accounts.

Expenditure over £500

Details of all expenditure over £500 is available from the Police and Crime Commissioner's website.

South Yorkshire PCC Police Financial Regulations

How to do business with us

Our force, along with all the Yorkshire and Humber police forces, conduct all tendering electronically via the e-tendering system, Bluelight.

To trade with Yorkshire and the Humber Police Forces you will need to register, as a Supplier, with BlueLight.

Standard terms and conditions for suppliers.

Financial instructions for Tenders and Quotations

Up to £10k: The local procurement procedure may use any reasonable means to select the supplier, preferably three quotations shall be obtained ( this may be from catalogues or price lists). The procurement procedure and outcome must be recorded and retained locally.

£10k to £50k: At least three formal written quotations or references to three supplier catalogues shall be obtained. At least one quotation should be sought, where possible, from a local SME.

Over £50k: All procurement to be managed by the Regional Procurement team. At least three tenders shall be obtained. Where the aggregated value of the tender is in excess of EU thresholds, tender procedures will be in accordance with EU Procurement directives.