Supporting Victims

Date published: 10 December 2019 14:23

What happens after you have reported a crime to us?

An officer will normally contact you within five days of a development in the investigation of your case and in some cases, if you are eligible, within one day; other updates will be provided at regular intervals following discussion between you and the officer in your case.

We are dedicated to placing you at the centre of our service. We will conduct a thorough investigation and do our best to bring criminals to justice.

Our aim is to keep you and your community safe from harm. Even if our efforts do not lead us to a suspect straight away, police officers often link current suspects to old investigations. If this happens, your case may be reviewed and the suspect interviewed. You will be kept informed of all developments should they arise.

Download our booklet which provides you with information about the support you are entitled to and useful contact details of other supporting agencies you can access.

Restorative Justice

As a victim of crime you may be able to take part in Restorative Justice.


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Vulnerable victims

Our role is not only about responding to crime; it's also about protecting vulnerable people.

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Victim Personal Statement

Your voice in the criminal justice process.

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Victims' Code of Practice

This sets out the service you can expect from us.

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Right of Review

Both SYP and the Crown Prosecution Service offer victims the right of review a decision not to prosecute.


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Victim Contact Scheme

Run by the National Probation Service, you'll be invited to join if you're the victim of a violent or sexual crime.

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Community Trigger

Request a review if you feel agencies have not taken action in respect of antisocial behaviour complaints.


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Stolen vehicle recovery

If you report your vehicle as stolen and police find it, we'll arrange for a recovery agent to collect and store your vehicle.

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Impact Statement for Business

If your business is targeted by criminals and you report it, you can make an Impact Statement for Business.

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Coroner's Court Support

If you're attending an Inquest at a Coroner's Court, The Coroner's Court Support Services can help.

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Victims' Journey

The Victims Commissioner has a helpful website that offers guidance for victims and witnesses of crime.

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Domestic Abuse

Advice on the support services available for you.

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