Family of Sami Al-Saroori issue statement as his killer is jailed

Date published: 22 August 2018 15:31
Dated: 22 August 2018 16:17:55

“Khaled Mokadeh was found guilty of the manslaughter of our beloved Sami.  He has shown no remorse for his callous and evil act. His refusal to accept what he has done has caused our family to endure the further agony of a trial.

“Sami’s loving wife Martina has been left devastated. She and Sami had so many plans for their future. This future has been taken away from her. Sami was a devoted father to their seven-year-old daughter Amelia. She now has to face the rest of her life without the love, support and guidance of her father.

“Sami’s parents, Sabrah and Khaled are struggling to come to terms with the loss of their first born child, a loving son who brought them so much joy.

“Sami’s six siblings Mohamed, Miriam, Sophia, Laila , Zane and Zade are attempting to come to terms with the fact they will never again see their smiling, youthful, fun-loving brother, who they deeply loved, respected and will miss for ever.

“The devastation that Mokadeh has inflicted on this family is immeasurable, with over 170 family members affected.

“The Alsaroori family  are forever grateful to Mr Nicholas Campbell QC, his legal team and the Crown Prosecution service for their dedicated handling of this case.

“Our gratitude must also go to DCI Steve Whittaker from South Yorkshire Police and his staff of expert officers Nina, Steve, Alex and the dozens of other officers who worked tirelessly to achieve justice for Sami.

“The people of Sheffield and in particular the Wensley and Firth Park estates are now safer due to the conviction of Khaled Mokadeh.

“Finally, Sabrah Alsaroori would like to implore all of those who feel the urge to carry and use knives to think again.  She has lost her son and does not want any other mother to suffer the same loss.”

In her victim impact statement, read out at today’s sentencing, Sami’s wife Martina Dalton said: “Sami and I had been together for 13-years when he was taken away from me. We were together every day throughout that time. He was always here, but not anymore.

“I never thought that Sami would not be a part of my future. I feel that my future has been stolen from me and Sami.

“We will never get to share, enjoy, laugh and cry together about our experiences. I miss him so much.

“Sami and I have a daughter, Amelia. She was such a daddy’s girl. She misses her daddy. She and Sami used to play together for hours. The three of us used to laugh together and have fun. We can’t do this anymore.

“Khalid Mokadeh has taken Sami away from me and Amelia. He has ruined our lives. He has robbed Sami of his own future. He has shown no remorse for what he has done to us and I will never forgive him for it.”

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