Killer gets 27-years behind bars for Firth Park stabbing

Date published: 22 August 2018 15:08
Dated: 22 August 2018 16:04:54

A “remorseless and dangerous man” who shook his victim’s hand just minutes before stabbing him through the heart and killing him has been jailed for 27-years.

Khalid Mokadeh, 22, of the Oval, Firth Park, stabbed Sami Al-Saroori at a house party on the city’s Wensley Estate on 9 September last year, leaving him to die on the pavement after he fled the scene.  

Mokadeh stood trial for Mr Al-Saroori’s death earlier this year, charged with his murder. Following a five-week trial from February to March a jury found him guilty of manslaughter.

He was back in court today (Wednesday 22 August) to be sentenced for Mr Al-Saroori’s death, in addition to two other violent attacks in which he stabbed the victim’s brother, Mohammed, in May last year on the Wesley Estate, leaving him with serious injuries to his stomach, chest and arm. For this offence he pleaded guilty earlier this year.

The second incident saw him stab another man, Fathi Dahir, in September 2017, in an unprovoked street attack, also on the Wensley Estate, just days before fatally stabbing father of one Mr Al-Saroori.

Since being found guilty of manslaughter, reporting restrictions have been in place while proceeding’s were finalised for the second wounding incident. After pleading guilty to that offence earlier this week he was able to be sentenced for all three attacks and was today jailed for 27-years. He will then be required to serve three years on licence.

Leading the investigation Detective Chief Inspector Steve Whittaker, the Senior Investigating Officer, said: “Mokadeh is an extremely dangerous and remorseless man who carried out unprovoked attacks that ultimately lead to the loss of a life.

“Today he has been jailed for his actions that have torn a family apart and left a seven-year-old child without a father and a wife without her beloved husband.

Khalid Mokadeh

Khalid Mokadeh

“No prison sentence, no matter how long, will bring Sami Al-Saroori back but at least this dangerous criminal is now behind bars for a very long time.

“Carrying a knife has consequences and Mokadeh is now facing those very consequences.”

On September 9 2017, Mokadeh had gone to a house party on the Wensley Estate, where Mr Al-Saroori was also present.

It was here that Mokadeh stabbed Mr Al-Saroori once through the chest before leaving him to die on the pavement as neighbours tried to help. He was taken to hospital but sadly died shortly after.

As a murder investigation was launched, senior detectives became aware that Mokadeh was linked to a stabbing involving the victim’s brother in the months leading up to Mr Al-Saroori’s death, as DCI Whittaker explains.

“In May 2017, Mokadeh stabbed Mohammed Al-Saroori, the victim’s brother, in an unprovoked attack leaving him seriously injured. Shortly after that incident, in June 2017, Mokadeh was shot in the leg but no-one was ever identified as the shooter despite an extensive police investigation.

“Mokadeh believed Mr Al-Saroori was in some way involved in the shooting as revenge for stabbing his brother and this was evidence offered in court by Mokadeh, during his trial.

“Since the shooting though, the pair had spoken numerous time and shaken hands. Mokadeh even shook Mr Al-Saroori’s hand on the night of the party minutes before those very same hands would stab him to death with a knife.

“Mr Al-Saroori was left fighting for his life, while Mokadeh was drinking and listening to music, being driven around as he had fled the scene.”

The following morning Mokadeh was then arrested on suspicion of murder and brought into custody.

“Mokadeh has never shown any remorse for his actions and has provided varying accounts for what happened on that fateful night,” said DCI Whittaker.

“I am pleased that a jury saw through his lies, which have been one after the other from the day of his arrest until the end of the court case.”

DCI Whittaker said that he hoped today’s jail sentence would send a stark message to anyone thinking about carrying a knife.

“Knives take lives and I only hope this may make people think twice about arming themselves with a weapon.

“I offer the Al-Saroori family my sincere condolences and my thanks also go out to a small team of officers who have worked incredibly hard to achieve this result.

“This case highlights exactly why we are putting the spotlight on knife crime through our #DroptheKnife campaign and Operation Sceptre activity.”

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