25th birthday of missing Doncaster teen

Date published: 10 July 2018 08:25
Dated: 10 July 2018 08:20:52

Today marks the 25th birthday of Andrew Gosden, who left his home in Balby when he was just 14-years-old, boarding a train from Doncaster to London Kings Cross, with the only official sighting of him in the eleven-years he has been missing, captured on CCTV on his arrival in the capital.

Andrew was seen heading down Littlemoor Lane towards Westfield Park in Balby at around 8.30am on Friday, 14 September 2007, and around an hour later, withdrew £200 from his bank account.

He then boarded a GNER train at Doncaster train station bound for London, with CCTV footage showing him at Kings Cross station at around 11.20am the same day.

Andrew at Kings Cross Station

Andrew at Kings Cross Station

Andrew arriving in London

Andrew arriving in London

Andrew Gosden

Andrew Gosden

Extensive enquiries have been conducted and leads looked into by police since his disappearance, with investigative work undertaken in London and his health records shared with the appropriate agencies and organisations in a bid to trace his whereabouts.

Contact has also been made with the passport office and National Insurance records for any applications for documents, in addition to enquiries with Opticians and with the lens manufacturers for Andrew’s prescription, to try to identify anyone who may have requested similar prescriptions in the early stages of his disappearance.

Detective Sergeant Andy Knowles said: “We remain committed in continuing to pursue and investigate any information that could lead to finding Andrew and would ask anyone who believes they know where he may be, or who may have seen him to please come forward.

“We have worked with Andrew’s family and we will continue to do so in an attempt to be able to provide the answers they understandably are desperate to have. His family have continuously appealed for information as to his location and to ensure his wellbeing, and have a dedicated website http://helpustofindandrew.weebly.com/ with further information.

“Throughout the investigation we have also liaised with the Missing People charity regarding reported sightings of him. The charity also have a page on their website dedicated to Andrew at https://www.missingpeople.org.uk/help-us-find/andrew-gosden-07-019198

“I would ask anyone, maybe new friends, neighbours or work mates, who believes they know a 25-year-old man that could be Andrew, but aren’t aware of his past beyond the last few years to please come forward.

“In addition, any professionals, including doctors, dentists or hospital staff who may have treated a 25-year-old man who has no records going back beyond the last ten years, you could hold information that proves vital to locating Andrew and I would ask you to please make contact with police.

“And to Andrew, a personal appeal, please contact us, completely confidentially, and let us know you are safe and well and we can reassure your family you have come to no harm.”

Anyone with information is asked to call South Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 161 of 13 September 2017.

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