Sheffield killers behind bars for almost 50-years

Date published: 12 July 2018 14:05
Dated: 12 July 2018 14:18:28

A man and woman who robbed and killed Sheffield father Jordan Hill, have today been sentenced to a combined total of 48-years in prison.

Bradley Onfroy, 32, and Josie Hollis, 25, were both charged with Jordan’s murder after he was fatally stabbed in the hallway of his flat on Southey Avenue, on Thursday, 23 March, 2017, while his girlfriend was just metres away in the lounge.

Jordan, 21, was taken to hospital in an extremely critical condition after the attack but passed away just 45 minutes later. The post-mortem examination concluded Jordan suffered a number of stab wounds, two of which had caused significant injuries to his internal organs.

A murder investigation was immediately launched, led by Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Victoria Short who, following sentencing this afternoon, said: “My thoughts today are with Jordan’s family, his young daughter who has lost her father, and his friends, who have all had to endure the harrowing ordeal of losing a loved one, in what I can only describe as horrific and callous circumstances.”

Onfroy, of NFA, was found guilty of murder and robbery by a jury in February this year, following a two week-trial at Sheffield Crown Court. He has been sentenced to life in prison, to serve a minimum of 33-years for murder, with a sentence of 15-years to run concurrently for robbery.

Hollis, of NFA, was due to stand trial with Onfroy in February, however she entered a guilty plea to manslaughter and robbery at an earlier court hearing in October 2017. She has been sentenced to 15-years in prison for manslaughter, with a sentence of 12-years to run concurrently for robbery.

Both have been on remand, however due to another robbery the pair were charged with, separate to the crimes against Jordan, details could legally not be published until conclusion of court proceedings for this additional offence.

A trial for the second robbery began this Monday, 9 July, where Hollis immediately entered a guilty plea. Onfroy changed his plea to guilty yesterday (Wednesday, 11 July), and they have both been sentenced today.

Onfroy received 10-years and Hollis received eight-years, both sentences are also to run concurrently.

On the night of Jordan’s murder, DCI Short explains the duos movements: “Onfroy and Hollis drove towards Jordan’s address shortly after 9.30pm. They were in possession of a large kitchen knife and had the knowledge he was likely to have money and drugs at the flat, with their sheer intention of robbing him.

“Onfroy climbed through the open downstairs window of Jordan’s flat. He then went on to stab Jordan repeatedly, leaving him severely injured on the floor while he then ruthlessly went searching for money, and further threatened to kill Jordan’s girlfriend if she didn’t comply.

“His actions that night were utterly deplorable, and while Hollis may not have been the one with the knife in her hand, she knew full well Onfroy intended to rob Jordan once inside the flat.”

The pair were arrested six days after the murder following extensive enquiries conducted by detectives.

A vehicle with damage to the front driver’s side was identified on CCTV footage, pulling up onto Southey Avenue and parking at 9.38pm on the night of the attack.

A figure is seen to leave the driver’s side of the car and walk towards Jordan’s flat. Five minutes later, a figure returns, getting into the car and driving away.

A witness at the scene identified the vehicle as a silver Vauxhall Corsa and provided a description of a man climbing through Jordan’s ground floor window, and then also driving away in the Corsa.

Detectives were then able to track the prior movement of the car and were able to identify two suspects, later identified as Onfroy and Hollis, through further CCTV work.

The movement of the car was also tracked after the murder and it was found abandoned in the Arbourthorne area of Sheffield the following afternoon, with witnesses describing a woman running from the vehicle.

The car was forensically examined and Hollis and Onfroy were identified through fingerprints and DNA. Both were arrested and brought in for questioning, with items belonging to the pair undergoing forensic analysis, as DCI Short explains: “Onfroy’s watch was seized and examined, with results indicating there was heavy blood staining between the metal links of the strap.

“DNA tests on the blood revealed it was a match to Jordan, with forensic scientists describing the staining as ‘extensive’ and in their opinion, suggested there was originally more blood present on the watch. Evidence of Jordan’s blood was also found on a pair of trainer’s seized from the address Onfroy was arrested from, which were identified as belonging to Onfroy through DNA.”

They were both charged with murder and robbery on Thursday, 6 April, 2017, and remanded into custody.

During the trial, detectives were able to disprove Onfroy’s version of events, as he claimed he was in the Corsa minutes before the murder, but that he was then picked up by a friend on Raisen Hall Road and left Hollis in the car talking to another man.

In a statement from Jordan’s family, they said:

“Jordan was a much loved, son, brother, grandson, nephew father and friend. He had everything to live for and has been taken from us far too soon.
Today, Bradley Onfroy and Josie Hollis have been sentenced for Jordan’s death and robbery.
As a family, we are united in saying we are happy with the result.
Josie Hollis pleaded guilty to her involvement, and while we can never forgive her for the role she played in Jordan’s death, we acknowledge the attempt she made to spare us a trial.
We would like to thank the police, Crown Prosecution Service and the barristers for their work. Also, we would like to thank the witnesses that came forward and attended court.
While no sentence will ever bring Jordan back, it will go some way to provide closure for us all.
We would now please ask for the privacy we need in order to grieve as a family.”

DCI Short added: “This was a tragic case where a young man has lost his life through the selfish actions and greed of Onfroy and Hollis.

“Through comprehensive investigative work, we were able to build a strong case against the pair and hold them accountable for their inexcusable actions.

“Jordan’s family are still grieving and I would ask their privacy is respected. I hope the result today offers them some form of solace, that justice has been served.”

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