Special birthday celebrations for 7-year-old Tommy

Date published: 26 July 2018 12:07
Dated: 26 July 2018 13:05:34

The team at Doncaster welcomed a special addition to their ranks today – seven-year-old Tommy Grove.

Tommy, who one day hopes to become a cadet when he’s old enough and eventually a PC, visited College Road this morning, decked out in his own uniform, to celebrate his birthday.

He was invited to College Road by Detective Chief Inspector Paul Wilson, after his mum wrote to ask whether her police mad son could come and meet the team for his birthday.

Officers showed Tommy around the building and let him turn on the blues and twos in one of the response cars before they all shared some cake!

Happy birthday Tommy, we hope you had a great day!

DCI Paul Wilson and the birthday boy Tommy

DCI Paul Wilson and the birthday boy Tommy

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