Woman convicted and jailed for Christmas Day murder

Date published: 18 June 2018 15:07
Dated: 18 June 2018 15:59:50

A woman who stabbed her step-grandad to death in a ‘frenzied attack’ before stripping him naked and pouring bleach over his body has today been found guilty of murder and handed a life-sentence.

Lindsey Fletcher, 39, was charged with the murder of Michael Eaton at his flat on Low Road, Balby on Christmas Day last year.

She was today (Monday 18 June) found guilty of murder by a jury after a four-day trial at Sheffield Crown Court and jailed for life, with the requirement to serve a minimum of 13-years.

72-year-old Mr Eaton was found by a family member on Boxing Day and a murder investigation was launched, as Detective Chief Inspector Steve Handley, the Senior Investigating Officer explains.

“Mr Eaton was found with in excess of 120 stab wounds to his upper body, including to his face, head and neck.

“After he was killed he was stripped naked and had bleach poured over him in an attempt to conceal evidence.

“Through extensive forensic work, CCTV enquiries and speaking to associates and extended family members of Mr Eaton, Fletcher was quickly identified as a suspect and subsequently arrested two days later.”

DCI Handley continued: “This investigation without doubt required significant resourcing, with expert forensic examination being undertaken, including specialist underwater search officers who searched the river Don at Balby over a three-week period, looking for items Fletcher had discarded after killing Mr Eaton.

“Throughout those searches divers were able to recover Mr Eaton’s clothing, including his jumper which was covered in holes showing exactly where he had been stabbed.

“His walking stick, believed to have been used in the attack, was also recovered. The knife she used to stab him has never been recovered.

“Fletcher, of St James Street, Doncaster, had previously spoken to friends of her hatred for her step-grandad, even going as far to say she wanted him dead, and as part of the investigation it became apparent she had researched the most hazardous types of poison to kill someone online.

“During the four day trial, Fletcher revealed that her hatred towards Mr Eaton had stemmed from prolonged sexual abuse by him, from her childhood into adult life, a fact she had never reported to the police.

“We were able to bring a strong case against Fletcher, to hold her to account for taking Mr Eaton’s life, and I’m pleased that she has today been found guilty of killing him and has been jailed for a significant amount of time.”

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