Dangers of driving through red lights highlighted as man jailed

Date published: 04 May 2018 15:42
Dated: 04 May 2018 16:42:01

A taxi driver, who drove through a red light, hitting a car with a mother and her five-week old baby in has today been jailed.

Atif Iqbal, 49, was driving along Sheffield Parkway one evening in September 2016 after picking up a passenger from the city centre when he went through a red light at the busy junction with Derek Dooley Way.

His car, a black VW Passat, collided with a back Citroen C-Crosser, carrying a mother, her five-week old baby and two other family members in, as they travelled to hospital to visit a relative. 

A 50-year-old woman travelling in the Citroen was seriously injured, suffering a broken neck. The remaining two passengers in the Citroen suffered minor injuries and thankfully, the baby was not injured. The passenger in the taxi suffered serious injuries, including a fracture to the breastbone, whiplash and bruising.

The repercussions of this incident could have been far more than that, as roads policing officer PC Rod McEnery explains.

“Since this incident, which was called in while I was on duty, we have worked tirelessly to bring Iqbal before the courts.

“This collision could have easily resulted in everyone involved being seriously injured and I’m incredibly thankful that they weren’t.

“Iqbal was seen by numerous witnesses, described as driving at increasing speed along the parkway, with no attempts made to slow down as the lights turned to red. Until entering a guilty plea last month, he has shown little to no remorse, continuing to deny the light was red, adding to the trauma of the family travelling in the second car, which ended up on its roof.

“Driving at speed while approaching traffic lights is irresponsible and jumping red lights is selfish and reckless. It can have life-changing impacts for other road users, as well as the driver of the car.”

Iqbal, of Witney Street, Sheffield, was jailed at Sheffield Crown Court today (Friday 4 May) for two years and six months after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to dangerous driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving. He has also been disqualified from driving for two years and three months.

PC McEnery continued: “I’m pleased that after over a year and a half of hard work, trying to get justice for the family involved, Iqbal has been jailed for his actions.

“I also hope this sends out a clear message to drivers about the risk of driving through red lights and the consequences and impacts it can have.”

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