Dedicated operation targeting prison criminality

Date published: 17 May 2018 13:54
Dated: 17 May 2018 14:46:28

A dedicated prison operation has been carried out at HMP Lindholme, to tackle organised crime both inside and outside of the prison.

This operation was devised in partnership with HMP Lindholme to prevent packages containing contraband from being thrown over the perimeter fences and used to facilitate crime.

Contraband such as drugs, mobile phones and SIM cards are both illegal and can lead to violence, disruption and further criminality both in and outside of the prison. This not only poses a risk to other inmates but also causes a negative impact on our local communities.

The operation utilised intelligence led plans to create a patrol strategy that included target hardening covert patrols in hotspot areas, search operations, public engagement and staff awareness education. This has enabled us to develop and build our partnership links, increase intelligence and further disrupt organised crime.

During the first seven days of the operation, officers worked alongside prison teams to implement plans aimed at preventing offenders attempting to throw packages into the prison. The effectivity of these plans saw a dramatic reduction in contraband packages in the prison and only one incident reported throughout the operation.

As well as strategic plans Police Officers, Prison Officers, PCSOs and the Mounted Section also carried out high visibility patrols in and around the surrounding areas of the prison to raise public awareness and develop strong community links to encourage reporting.

Police Sergeant Kate Leake who has led the operation said “Our main aim has been to disrupt and deter organised criminality being facilitated by the provision of contraband items in ours prisons.

“Our improved partnership working with HMP staff has enabled proactive plans to be established and implemented, which have resulted in a reduction in prison criminality and the formation of stronger community relationships. This has also resulted in a demand reduction for the police, prison and medical staff.

“Alongside this targeted operation, we are also working in partnership with prison staff to implement training, update investigation processes and identify best practice methods to increase the opportunities to present those intent on committing such offences before the courts.

“This work will now continue and I hope this sends out a clear message that crime both in and outside of the prison is not tolerated and we will always seek to take action and prosecute those responsible for supplying illegal items, as well as those conspiring to receive the items inside.”

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