Sentence increase for man who attacked and almost killed four children

Date published: 09 May 2018 15:15
Dated: 09 May 2018 16:10:06

A man, who assaulted four children with a hammer before driving his car into a wall almost killing the youngsters has had his time behind bars significantly increased.

Owen Peter Scott, of Heather Road, Fawley, Hampshire, was jailed for 28-years in February after pleading guilty to four counts of attempted murder. He was given the requirement to serve a minimum of 14-years before being considered for parole.

Today (Wednesday 9 May), Scott’s case was back in court, where his sentence was being considered by senior judges in London after Solicitor General Robert Buckland put forward that his minimum term was unduly lenient for the crime Scott had committed.

Scott, 29, drove his car into a wall in Four Lane Ends, Oxspring, Barnsley, in August last year, travelling at around 92mph.

He made no attempt to stop or brake and left the children in the car, who were aged 8, 7, 21-months and nine-months-old at the time, with either serious or life-threatening injuries. It later became apparent that the horrendous injuries they had sustained had been caused by a hammer found in the car after the collision.

The severity of the injuries and life-long impact the incident will have on the children was put to three senior judges at the Court of Appeal. As a result, Scott’s sentence has been increased to 48-years and he will now be required to serve at least 24-years behind bars before being considered for release.

Detective Chief Inspector David Stopford, the senior investigation officer, who at the time described the case as one of the most harrowing he had ever worked on, is pleased Scott has had his sentence significantly extended.

“Scott was in a position of trust with those children, he grossly abused that, subjecting them to an utterly horrendous ordeal that has had life-long impacts on them both physically and mentally.

“While I was pleased with the initial sentence, the significant increase today certainly reflects just how horrific Scott’s actions were on that day.

“This case affected so many people, from the children to family members and those who worked on it, including police officers and hospital workers and I’m pleased that Scott will now have to serve longer before being considered for release.”

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