Successful problem solving partnership consultation event

Date published: 21 September 2018 09:55
Dated: 21 September 2018 10:54:47
Problem Solving Programme host partnership event to discuss and explore problem solving initiatives.

Earlier this week, the Problem Solving and Demand Reduction Programme held a partnership event to consult with local and regional agencies on the problem solving approaches and best practice methods used in their organisations.

The event saw representatives from different public sector organisations come together and participate in open discussions to share knowledge, gain an insight into the key issues affecting police, partners and communities, and explore problem solving partnership opportunities.

Assistant Chief Constable Lauren Poultney and the Problem Solving Programme Team facilitated the event, which was led by problem solving subject matter expert Sylvia Chenery and NHS England Leadership Fellow Ellie Houlston.

Throughout the day, attendees took part in open discussions, heard from speakers leading on problem solving partnership initiatives and participated in workshops.

These speakers included PC Lee Jackson and ‘street nanna’ Joyce Brown, who introduced the Street Friends project in Consett, Durham; Brian Russell and Thomas James from Durham Agency Against Crime (DAAC), leading the ‘Mini Police’ initiative; and Gary Shewan, policing, criminal justice and organisational specialist, from Mutual Gain.

The afternoon involved workshops to identify how police and partners can work more collectively together to address issues affecting our communities. One of these workshops focused on ‘How police forces and partners can work differently together’ and used De Bono’s six hat methodology to explore different perspectives to problem solving and stimulate discussions to understand the wide reaching effects caused by Psychoactive Substances.

Engaging with partners to increase understanding and share information, allowed attendees to recognise current partnership processes that work effectively already, where improvements need to be made and the role and involvement of each organisation required to identify collaborative solutions.

Assistant Chief Constable Lauren Poultney, Sponsor of the Problem Solving and Demand Reduction Programme, said: “The event enabled us to create an arena for our partners to come together, share experiences and take part in discussions on how we can work better together to improve our communities.

“Consulting and working collaboratively with our partners is a key element of our programme and our work to embed and enhance problem solving and demand reduction across all police forces in the UK, and our partners.

“Overall the event was a great success and I hope all of our attendees found it beneficial, as working to identify how we can work more effectively together is a crucial step in creating and implementing methods and solutions to address key issues affecting our communities.

“All of the information gathered from the discussions, workshops and feedback will now be used to feed into and tailor our work going forward and create opportunities to reduce demand by embedding a structured problem solving ethos and capability.”

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