Speeding crackdown for safer roads

Date published: 05 August 2019 12:33
Dated: 05 August 2019 13:10:43

In a bid to reduce casualties and fatalities on the roads of South Yorkshire our officers are taking part in the National Police Chiefs’ Council summer campaign to tackle speeding drivers. 

This is the second speeding operation of 2019 and the two weeks of action are about awareness and education as much as it is enforcement. 

Information will be shared to educate drivers on why limits are in place and raise awareness of the consequences of exceeding them, alongside enforcement checks being carried out. 

In a survey carried our earlier this year by the Roads Policing Team, over 25 per cent of respondents said that they wanted officers to crackdown on speeding drivers- a priority that the team are committed to achieving. 

Inspector Jason Booth from our Operational Support Unit explains why it is important for people to be aware of their speed, he said: 
“Nationally, inappropriate speed contributes to 24 per cent of collisions that have resulted in deaths and 11 per cent of all injuries from road related collisions reported to the police.

“Speeding can easily be avoided and laws are in place to protect drivers, other road users and pedestrians- a few miles an hour over the limit can have serious consequences and devastating effects on victims and families of those involved in collisions. 

“Officers will be working alongside the Safer Roads Partnership and Safety Camera Partnership to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding, and will be using speed vans, cameras and stopping vehicles who they believe to be speeding, to deter drivers. 

During January’s two weeks of action, 65,751 offences were recorded nationally, with 620 of those being in South Yorkshire. 

Joanne Wehrle, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership manager said: “Our message to drivers and riders is that the speed limit is not a target – it’s the absolute maximum and does not mean that it is safe to travel at that speed in all conditions.
“Factors such as the weather, the state of the road and the time of day should be considered when choosing what speed to travel at.
“If you kill or seriously injure someone because you were driving too quickly, you will have to live with the long-term emotional consequences.”

Over the coming week we will be sharing information on speeding and its dangers. Please keep an eye on our channels including the operational support team’s social media for updates- @SYPOperations 
For more information about the penalties of speeding, please visit https://www.gov.uk/speeding-penalties

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