Dodworth community pull together to tackle speeding drivers

Date published: 20 February 2019 13:18
Dated: 20 February 2019 13:18:14

Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s), councillors and the local community speed watch have come together to tackle speeding drivers in Dodworth, Barnsley.

Today PSCO’s Leanne Cooper-Goodhall and Gareth Kirkham were joined by local Councillor Richard Riggs, and Peter Lybery and Sue Brunt from the local speed watch group on Green Road to gather information about speeding drivers, using their new speed registering equipment.

The local Ward Alliance - A group of councillors and community representatives, who have put themselves forward to help improve the communities they live in, working to determine what the priorities are for the area, funded the £500 speed gun, which can detect speeds up to a mile away.

The aim behind the clampdown is education for drivers, rather than prosecution, raising awareness of the 30mph speed restrictions in the local area. The team will also gather intelligence to put forward to Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council in a bid to receive traffic calming measures such as speed cameras or speed bumps.

Within 20 minutes of the team being on Green Road, 42 cars passed through the speed gun. Of these, 10 drivers were speeding in excess of 35mph, with the fastest travelling at 58mph.

PSCO Cooper-Goodall said: “Residents have raised concerns to us about speeding in the local area, especially on Green Road; it is great that we are able to work together with the community to put measures in place that can make Dodworth a safer place to live and work.”

“We often stop and speak to drivers who are unaware of the speed limit on the road they are travelling on, I would like to remind drivers that restrictions are there for their safety and also that of the local communities, so please be vigilant to signs and stick to the speed limits.”

Sue Brunt added: “We are doing something that makes a difference and may also save a life."

PCSO's with Councillor Richard Riggs and local speed watch group members

PCSO's with Councillor Richard Riggs and local speed watch group members

Tackling speeding on Green Road, Dodworth, Barnsley

Tackling speeding on Green Road, Dodworth, Barnsley

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