Officers tackle antisocial behaviour among young people

Date published: 07 January 2019 13:35
Dated: 07 January 2019 13:20:29

Over the weekend (5 and 6 January) the Rotherham Neighbourhood Policing Teams have warned identified individuals about the consequences of antisocial behaviour and put plans in place to deter them from any further acts.

After a recent spike in antisocial behaviour, the Rotherham Neighbourhood Policing Team have identified six young people causing antisocial behaviour in Greasbrough and Kimberworth.

Officers have spoken to all of the offenders and their parents, with an extremely robust ‘telling off’ and threat of multi-agency follow up given. The response was extremely encouraging with all six displaying emotions of remorse and understanding. Following the talks with parents, plans have been put in place to work with the schools of the offenders to deter them from further crime.

Over the weekend, a member of the public handed in a school pupil’s bag that had the pupil’s school planner in along with weapons; a truncheon and a knife. The bag belonged to one of the individuals mentioned above. Their bag was reunited with them as well as questioning about why they have the weapons in their possession. This will be looked at as part of Operation Alligator.

Additionally, concerns have been raised for a group of youths causing antisocial behaviour at The Lanes, East Dene in Rotherham. Following officers looking into this, two young people have been given acceptable behaviour contracts.

One offender has been issued with a community protection notice (CPN) and another offender has been issued with one civil injunction notice. A CPN is aimed at preventing unreasonable behaviour that is having a negative impact on the local community's quality of life. Any person aged 16 years or over can be issued with a notice.

PCSO Paul Newman of Rotherham Central Neighbourhood Policing Team said

“We will take very firm action with offenders who persist to blight our communities. We enjoy fantastic working relationships with our Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council colleagues, local schools and communities and we act upon reports made to the Police. It is not just Police powers.

“Such behaviour may also threaten offender’s tenancy if it continues. Operation Alligator is one of several tactical options we have to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.”

You can follow the Neighbourhood Policing Team on their Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates Twitter- @RothCentralNHP Facebook- @RotherhamCentralNHP

Behavioural contact given to offenders with conditions

Behavioural contact given to offenders with conditions

School pupils bag with seized weapons

School pupils bag with seized weapons

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