Creating safer streets one gun at a time

Date published: 31 July 2019 12:21
Dated: 31 July 2019 13:18:34
We’re half way through taking part in the national firearms surrender in a bid to make the streets of South Yorkshire safer and have already seen great results in the first week! 

The surrender started on Saturday 20 July and will run until midnight on Sunday 4 August.
During this time, members of the community can safely dispose of their firearms and will not face prosecution for the illegal possession- this does not provide immunity from prosecution for the life of the weapon.

If a gun or ammunition is believed to have been used in previous criminal activity, this will be fully investigated. 

Detective Inspector Marie Bulmer explains the importance of the surrender, she said: “When a gun falls into the wrong hands the damage can be devastating and life-long. 

“We want to ensure our communities are safe by taking as many firearms off the streets as possible, this reduces the chances of them falling into the wrong hands and being distributed by criminal gangs to cause fear among our communities. 

“We are also aware that some firearms can be held in innocence or fear of consequences and want to provide a chance for people to safely dispose of these.”

The first week has seen 35 firearms surrendered with six quantities of ammunition.

The 35 firearms consist of 24 functional and 11 imitation firearms. 

The ammunition surrendered included quantities of bullets, air pellets and shot gun cartridges. 

There is still time to get involved in the surrender. Firearms can be handed into the following police stations

Snig Hill in Sheffield- S3 8LY
Ecclesfield in Sheffield- S35 9WL
Moss Way in Sheffield- S20 7XX
Main Street in Rotherham- S60 1QY
Churchfield in Barnsley- S70 2DL
College Road in Doncaster- DN1 3BU

We advise that anyone travelling to a police station to surrender their firearm do so in a responsible manner, please carry the firearm unloaded and in a bag.

If you are having difficulty in taking your firearm to your local station please call 101 for assistance.

We also urge anyone who knows of someone keeping a firearm to report it via 101 or Crimestoppers.
Variety of firearms surrendered in the first week

Variety of firearms surrendered in the first week

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