Off road bike team out in force across Barnsley

Date published: 11 June 2019 11:53
Dated: 11 June 2019 12:48:15

Officers from Barnsley neighbourhood teams and our off-road bikes team are upping their efforts in a bid to reduce anti-social behaviour caused by the use of motorbikes and quads. 

Throughout this month they will be carrying out operations across the borough, following concerns raised by the local community about irresponsible driving and road worthiness of bikes. 

Last weekend (Sunday 9 June) the team started their day at Cudworth Police Station and conducted patrols at Cudworth, Grimethorpe and Athersley. 

One driver was stopped and found to be disqualified from driving and had no insurance or MOT. The 45 year-old man’s off-road bike was seized and he has been reported on summons for those offences. 

A further two off-road machines, a silver quad and a red and white pit bike were also seized. The quad was being ridden on a public road without any insurance, whilst the pit bike was taken under Sec 59 Police Reform Act Powers.

A further two riders were issued with a Sec 59 warning about the use of their machines on public land. 

Sergeant Richard Wilson from the North East Neighbourhood Team said: “We are pleased that we are able to dedicate time with our off-road bikes team to tackle the matters that are important to our communities.

“We want our communities to enjoy living in Barnsley and feel safe within their villages. We will continue to work in partnership with Barnsley Council to tackle the problem.

“If you have any concerns about off-road bikes, please continue to report them to 101. 

“Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for Alerts to get further updates.”

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