Welcoming a paw-some duo

Date published: 06 June 2019 12:07
Dated: 06 June 2019 10:49:07

A police dog and his handler are embarking on their journey as a team to track down criminals across South Yorkshire.

Yesterday, Wednesday 5 June, was the first day of a new adventure and career for PD Benson and his handler PC Michael Greaves from our Operational Support Unit.

PC Greaves has been a police officer for 23 years and previously worked within our firearms support group before transferring over to the Dog Section. His love for animals and inability to resist Benson’s adorable face enabled him to make the decision to leave guns behind and hunt down criminals in a new way.

PD Benson is a 22 month-old Dutch Herder who, alongside PC Greaves has completed a 13 weeks long course at our dog training facility, based at Niagara in Sheffield.

The role of a police dog involves using scent and training to assist their handler in locating missing people, finding crime scene evidence, tracing, and catching people targeted by their handler.

PC Greaves said: “Me and Benson have both been put through our paces at training school and are looking forward to what our partnership will bring.

“Benson passed his assessments with flying colours and took all scenarios in his stride.

“He is brave, inquisitive and loyal, all the qualities you want in a partner.”

You can follow PC Greaves and PD Benson’s work on the SYP Operational Support Facebook and Twitter pages, or through SYP Alerts.

PC Greaves with PD Benson

PC Greaves with PD Benson

PD Benson ready for his first day of work

PD Benson ready for his first day of work

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