Police and fire team wins national award for keeping 999 workers on the road

Date published: 28 March 2019 11:27
Dated: 27 March 2019 18:04:07

A joint team that ensures police officers and firefighters are ready to respond to 999 calls have won a national award for their effective partnership working.

South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s fleet management team won the ‘Fleet of the Year’ category at ‘The Fleet News Awards 2019’, held in London earlier this month. The award was presented in recognition of the collaborative work they are leading.

The organisations, that already have a successful relationship, including the joint Police and Fire Station at Maltby and a joint Community Safety Department decided to merge their fleet last year.

The team together manages nearly 900 vehicles from fire engines to police cars and is headed by Head of Joint Vehicle Fleet Management, Sarah Gilding.

Sarah has led the team on a number of projects, including the introduction of electric cars, increasing the number of low emission vehicles and the installation of dash cams, that have brought additional benefits to both services.

The merged team also means that mechanics can work on a variety of vehicles and share cost saving and improvement suggestions.

Sarah Gilding, who was appointed Head of Joint Vehicle Fleet Management last year, said: “Staff at both organisations are already rightly proud of the role they play in supporting the activity of frontline firefighters and police officers.

“They are skilled and dedicated professionals who’ve really grasped the opportunities that working more closely together might bring. This is award is deserved recognition for their efforts.”

Congratulations to the team!

The 'Fleet of Year' winners at the national Fleet Awards 2019

The 'Fleet of Year' winners at the national Fleet Awards 2019

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