Protect your home for free against burglary

Date published: 29 May 2019 11:06
Dated: 29 May 2019 11:49:13

An initiative that has been proven to prevent and tackle break ins across Sheffield and Doncaster is being rolled out in the Swinton area of Rotherham.

Operation Shield sees officers visiting homes and working with residents to mark their valuable items with a unique forensic solution. The liquid, which is invisible to the human eye, contains a unique code that is registered to individuals and properties. The liquid also comes in the formation of a gel or spray and can transfer onto offenders while committing the burglary.

There are ultraviolet lights in our custody suites that can then detect the smart water on individuals, their property or any uncovered stolen items.

Results in Sheffield and Doncaster have seen burglary reducing up to 42 per cent in some areas and officers are now keen to tackle the high rate of burglaries in the Swinton.

Rotherham North Neighbourhoods Sergeant Craig Cooke said: “This initiative not only protects people’s homes and properties but reminds offenders that we will do everything in our power to stop them causing heartbreak in our communities.

“I would encourage all residents in Swinton to sign up to Operation Shield, its quick, easy and free. All you need to do is book a 30 minute appointment with our of our Police Community Support Officers and they will attend your home to discuss and mark your valuables.

“If we work together we can ensure that offenders are more likely to be caught, identified and punished.”

To sign up for your home to be protected please contact the Rotherham North Neighbourhood Policing Team via SYP Alerts or email with your name, address and contact details.

We are also keen to hear from Neighbourhood Watch groups who would like to be involved.

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