Four closure orders secured on properties in Sharrow

Date published: 13 November 2019 11:36
Dated: 13 November 2019 11:36:19

A series of closure orders were secured for properties in the Sharrow area of Sheffield last week, as part of ongoing work to disrupt criminal activity in the area and safeguard vulnerable residents.

Sheffield Magistrates’ Court granted four partial closure orders on Friday (8 November) which means that no one, apart from tenants, South Yorkshire Police, the NHS or Sheffield City Council can enter.

The orders cover properties on Leverton Gardens, Washington Road and Cliff Street.

Sergeant Greenwood, from the Sharrow Neighbourhood Team said: “We have been experiencing significant problems around some of these properties, where we have seen vulnerable people targeted by shameless criminals.

“You might not have heard of the phrase cuckooing; but this is when people take over the properties of vulnerable people using coercion and sometimes force, in order to deal drugs or conduct criminal activity in a house or flat that has no links to them.

“Not only can this have a huge impact on the occupant, but the ripple effect of this is that neighbours have their lives disrupted by anti-social behaviour, drug use, noise and low-level crime.

“When closure orders are granted, it means that only the tenant has the right to be in that property and authorised professionals such as the police.
“Robust policing and enforcement of these orders and acting on any breaches can prevent the property being at the centre of criminality and that’s what we intend to do here.

“It’s unusual to secure multiple closure orders in one go, so this should have added impact. If you live in the area, you will see my officers attending on a regular basis, I would encourage you to report any unusual activity around these locations.”

The orders were secured as part of partnership work with Sheffield Safer Neighbourhood Service (SSNS) and our colleagues from CID.

PC Katie Adams said: “Working in partnership gets results. Communities working with the authorities giving focus to addresses associated with criminality can make a real difference. We thank our partners and local residents for their support.”

Cuckooing – spot the signs:

Help us protect those at risk of being exploited by criminals.

Victims of cuckooing are often vulnerable people who are subjected to threats of violence.

It usually takes place in multi-occupancy or social housing properties.

Signs that cuckooing could be happening at a property near you:

- An increase in people entering and leaving
- An increase in anti-social behaviour
- Increased littering or rubbish
- Different cars and bikes outside
- Signs of drug use
- Curtains or blinds closed at all times
- No healthcare or support workers visiting

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