Community Speedwatch lifts off in Sheffield

Date published: 16 October 2019 08:18
Dated: 16 October 2019 09:16:51

Round of applause to the fantastic Hemsworth Road and Gleadless Valley TARA who have become the latest recruits to our Community Speedwatch scheme! 

The scheme relaunched in March after concerns about road safety and sees members of the public, supported by our officers and PCSOs, monitoring speeds of vehicles in their own towns and villages. 

The aim behind the initiative is education for drivers, rather than prosecution, raising awareness of various speed restrictions in and around Gleadless Valley. 

As part of the scheme, volunteers will also gather intelligence, which could results in changes to traffic calming measures. 

PCSO Shiv Drury said: “We’re so pleased that the TARA has got involved with this, they are really invested in the local community and want to improve things for people. Speeding is a hot topic for lots of people and it’s something that can have a real impact on everyday life. 

“Yesterday (15 October) we started work on various roads in the area where there is a problem with people not observing speed limits.

“If people are caught speeding by our volunteers, their details will be forwarded to the Safety Camera Partnership and they will receive some words of advice through the post. 

“It really is about education, and making people think about their actions, involving local volunteers in the process just strengthens the message. This is the first Community Speedwatch team to get underway in Sheffield and we’re chuffed it’s in our area!”  

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