Police vehicle donated to Woodhead Mountain Rescue

Date published: 21 October 2019 13:51
Dated: 21 October 2019 14:48:34

Today (21 October) we’ve handed over the keys to one of our police vans to Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team as part of our continued relationship with their volunteers. 

The van, a VW Caravelle, has reached the end of its life with South Yorkshire Police and will now be used by the team to assist in their vital work across the Peak District and beyond. 

They are one of seven teams working throughout the Peak District, but the only one based in South Yorkshire.  

Assistant Chief Constable David Hartley said: “We have a long-standing relationship with the team and they are invaluable to our communities and other agencies and authorities. We work alongside them on a regular basis and they offer our officers support and assistance at a range of incidents. 

“People don’t always realise that the teams are made up of volunteers and have to raise funds themselves. 

“The van we’ve donated will hopefully be a great addition to their fleet and we’re happy to do whatever we can to support them.”  

Milo Milinkovic, who is a volunteer with Woodhead Mountain Rescue, and former South Yorkshire Police officer, said: “We have a long-standing relationship with the force and this is a fantastic continuation of that. 

“At the moment we have two vehicles, but adding another one to our fleet with help us hugely with operational resilience. We are currently using the same vehicle to attend events, as well as respond to call-outs, which as you can imagine, can sometimes cause delays in us getting to incidents. 

“By having another vehicle, we will be able to respond to calls for our service so much more efficiently, so this is fantastic.

"Last year was our busiest year on record, dealing with a wide range of incidents, from fallen walkers to an increased number of accidents involving mountain bikers. The demand on our service continues to grow and support by way of donations like this is vital to our survival as a service."

Head of South Yorkshire Police’s Operational Support Unit, Superintendent Paul McCurry said: “I’m not sure that people always realise how intrinsically linked the police and mountain rescue teams are. In the last three days alone the Woodhead team have assisted our officers with two serious incidents, they are extremely important to us.

“The team often provide invaluable assistance in our searches for missing people, respond to accidents in difficult locations and are also deployed to help with tracking down military debris across the Peak District.” 

You can follow Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team here

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