Student officer reflects on his training journey and experiences with our Central Assessment and Practice Educator (CAPE) team

Date published: 25 January 2023 11:45
Dated: 25 January 2023 11:42:20

Over the past year we’ve had over 350 new recruits join our force and complete their training to become police officers.

To help all our recruits through their training, we have a dedicated Central Assessment and Practice Educator (CAPE) team who work alongside all student officers, regardless of which entry route they have taken, to support them through their training journey and workplace assessments.

We spoke to one of our new PC’s, who has now passed his training, to get his thoughts and experiences of the team.

Police Officer Ameur Bacha, based at Moss Way, Sheffield

“I was part of the cohort of Police Now officers that began in the summer of 2020 and was part of the last intake of students to get tutored by the Tutor Unit before it was all converted to the CAPE Unit.

“I really enjoyed my time in the Tutor Unit, especially working with my tutor at the time and I feel this allowed me to build on my policing skills and develop as a young enthusiastic student officer. I also felt that my time in the Tutor Unit helped me to build a strong bond with the now CAPE Assessors, as I knew all of them by name and felt I could contact them if I needed help.

“This was especially so during my probationary period when I had a rough time and turned to the CAPE Unit for advice. This was initially via a PC working in the unit who was always willing to listen to my concerns, moaning and just general questions about my development. He provided me with his wisdom and helped me to stay level-headed, grounded and just develop as a student officer.

“Likewise with other members of the unit, I always felt I could have frank and open conversations with them about my journey and I felt comfortable to approach the team when I had concerns. This again kept me grounded, helped alleviate my concerns and with the empathy and wisdom I was given, helped me to overcome my then development plan that was put in place.

“Whilst I could go on and on about the CAPE unit, I feel that for me personally knowing each officer in the CAPE unit by first name helped me to feel confident in approaching any one of them if I had any issues and I now feel I’m a competent Police Officer who has successfully overcome obstacles I’ve faced in my first two years.”

The CAPE team are just one of the support systems in place for new recruits and if you are interested in joining SYP, or would like to find out more about the different entry routes available, please visit the recruitment section of our website here.

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