Roads Policing Officers highlight the efforts criminals go to evade police action

Date published: 25 May 2023 17:49
Dated: 25 May 2023 18:45:37

Footage of a high-speed pursuit highlights the efforts criminals go to evade police action.

Those who fail to stop for officers are more likely to be involved in criminality and take risks, ultimately posing further risk and danger to our communities. Our Roads Policing Group (RPG) within the Operational Support Unit work to intercept those who use our road network to commit criminality.

RPG are highly trained in pursuing vehicles, using tactics to bring cars to a stop, as well having high performing vehicles with ANPR and the latest dash-cam and recording equipment.

Acting Sergeant Joe Binley explains more, he said: “We often find that drivers who fail to stop for us, usually as a routine stop are linked to greater criminality and will go to extreme lengths to avoid speaking to us.

“Throughout a pursuit we are continuously monitoring the risks to the public, the risk to ourselves and the risk to the suspect.”

The footage released shows Thomas Garfitt, 29, of Walling Road, Sheffield failing to stop for officers on 25 April 2023.

During the pursuit Garfitt reached speeds of 125mph, drove the wrong way down the carriage way, through red lights and performed a handbrake turn on the A1, travelling in the wrong direction, narrowly missing an on-coming car.

A/Sergeant Binley added: “Our main aim is protecting our communities and to create safer roads across South Yorkshire.

“We want drivers like Garfitt who are willing to pose such a risk off our roads, and I am pleased he has been sentenced to time in prison for his actions.”

Garfitt was charged with dangerous driving, failing to provide a blood sample and driving whilst disqualified. He was sentenced to 20 months in prison and was given a driving ban for four years and 10 months on 17 May at Sheffield Crown Court.

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