SYP Police Officer 30+ Return Scheme

Date published: 28 September 2021 14:54

The SYP 30+ Return Scheme is designed to assist SYP in the return of police officers with valuable skills and experience who would otherwise retire.

The scheme allows a police officer to retire from SYP but then to return as an attested officer after a short break of service.

Officers who retire will be given access to their commutation lump sum and will receive partial pension abatement to ensure that their remuneration package is at the same level prior to their retirement.

SYP 30+ Returner Scheme 

Current Vacancies

Role: Detective Constable

Department: Major Crime unit

Rank: DC

Location: Robert Dyson House

Hours: 20

Role Purpose:

The PIP 2 Investigator utilises a range of evidence sources and appropriate investigative approaches to safely and effectively investigate serious and complex crimes, with a view to ascertaining whether a person should be charged with an offence or if a person charged with an offence is guilty of that offence.

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