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Date published: 19 August 2020 14:49

Apply to attend a Forthcoming Misconduct


To attend a forthcoming hearing please complete the application form. Identify which Hearing you are requesting to attend, then click 'Submit form' in the top right hand corner, or save the form and email:

Conditions of entry for the Public and Press attending a Public Misconduct Hearing (PDF).

Forthcoming Hearing-

Officer's name: Former DC 2558 GODFREY      

Date of the hearing: Friday 21st August 2020  

Time of the hearing: 9.45 am   

The place at which the hearing will take place:

The Professional Standards Department, Churchill Way, Chapeltown, Sheffield.  Authorised members of the public wishing to attend the misconduct hearing should attend at The Lifewise Centre, Kea Park Close, Hellaby Industrial Estate, Rotherham S66 8LB.

This is a hearing into the conduct of a former police officer from South Yorkshire Police, who is subject to the following allegations:-

  1. That they produced a witness statement purporting to have taken it from a victim of crime resident in South Yorkshire, when in fact the officer had never met the victim. This includes forging the victim of crime’s signature. The officer then told his supervisor a fictitious story that the victim of crime had been met, outside of the South Yorkshire Police force area. On the same day, the officer was caught driving a police vehicle, in North Yorkshire in excess of the speed limit. 
  2. That on or around 50 occasions between 4 April 2018 and 2 December 2018, the officer used South Yorkshire Police vehicles with no legitimate policing purpose and with no permission or authority.

These are alleged breaches of the standard of professional behaviour and taken together are serious breaches that it could amount to gross misconduct, in relation to Honesty and Integrity and Discreditable Conduct. 

 The hearing will be held in public via use of a livestream link to the Lifewise Centre. Members of the public should not attend at the Professional Standards Department.


Anyone wishing to attend the hearing may do so on condition that they do not take any step which could lead to the identification of any of the complainants in the case. A signed undertaking, agreeing to the condition, will be required in advance of access to the public hearing.